Momlog 2012: Teaching them to Pray


This week has been fun, in addition to our now 4 year old (pictures/blog of The Boy and Ellie’s birthday party to follow) I had my niece and nephew with me.  One night when The Boy and Devri (my 3 year old niece) were praying, I noticed my son says, “Dear Jesus, mom and dad, Ellie and Evan….(his list of people)” so I stopped him and said, “you either need to say, ‘Thank you Jesus for…’ or ‘Please bless….” because you’re just making a list.”  He started over and said, “Thank you for…”  When it was Devri’s turn she said, “Gracey, I’m gonna bless people.” and she asked Jesus to Bless everyone even Hydro and Camo (the family dogs).  Oh, and Tio was blessed twice…yes, some people were named more than once.  She’s adorable.

I realized tonight I have to spend more time praying with my son because even though we pray with him and help him he doesn’t seem to be getting the words for himself.

Later I prayed with my almost 7 year old nephew, Sam and he almost made me cry.  He prayed for family, asking God to bless them, thanked God for a good day.  He prayed for everyone who works for their family’s business…prayed that they would have good work, he named every one of them and prayed that God would heal one of the men who has a tumor on his back (an in-operable tumor).  Then he prayed for the poor, “That they would have money for an offering for Your church”.  He prayed for everyone who doesn’t know God to “be saved”.  Then he prayed this, “may people know you are a Holy man and not just a pastor or a good man” (I wanted to ask him what he meant…I understand what he meant but I think maybe he wasn’t clear on the fact that because of Jesus we are “Holy men”).  Then he thanked God for the cross and for taking away sins.  I almost cried.  For six years old he seems to have pretty good prayer life going on…better than some of my prayers some days which sometimes are mostly”please help me not to kill anyone”.  (Serenity now… – does quoting Sienfeld date me??? If I have to ask….)

After his prayer (which at this point I am assuming is the “norm”) he tells me that is the longest prayer he has ever prayed and he just kept getting more words. (Like)

My belief is “Prayer is better caught, than taught” (quoting Cindy Jacobs from her book “Possessing the Gates of the Enemy”) but I also know what you put in comes out.  I know Sam has heard some good prayers and had some solid Biblical teaching because that is what is coming out. It’s time to begin focusing more on teaching my boy….it’s time to focus on putting more “good stuff” into him.



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