Momlog 2012: How much do you tell your kids?


The Boy had to his 4 year shots this week.  I didn’t know he was going to have to get shots. If I had known, I wouldn’t have warned him either way.  To me, some things are better not anticipated. Christmas should be anticipated but not shots.

At his current age, I don’t usually tell him what we will be doing…that’s more for me than for him.  I made the mistake a few weeks ago of telling him, “We may go to the Jumpy Place later.”  For the rest of the day, I was asked about it and when it turned out we did not have time to go, he was very disappointed.

That’s just me.  I don’t want him to worry about things or dread or throw fits about negatives and I don’t want to be asked over and over about the positive.

My sisters and I have found that even though we were brought up by the same parents our parenting styles vastly differ.  My middle sister is pretty balanced.  My little sister makes everything into a game and in general makes things “fun” and I”m the extremist that says, “Life is tough, sometimes you get to have fun.  It’s not always fair so get used to it. Oh, and I love you.”

My sisters and I are all together this week.  We are each other’s greatest sounding boards.  In a past conversation we have talked about “over telling” our kids things.  For example, when a 3 year old asks, “Where do babies come from?” it is not the time to explain sex to them….too much, too soon.  Just say, “Mommies bring them home from the hospital” Or in the case of many of my friends, “Mommy gets them from the big bathtub in her bedroom”. (for all home-birthing friends).

The Boy was showing off his Bandaids to my niece and my sister tells her that in a few weeks she will go to the doctor and get four shots.  My sister said she wants to prepare her.    My niece’s reaction was pitiful to say the least…she started crying and saying that she doesn’t want to go to the doctor and get shots.  I laughed a little….okay, I laughed.  My sister stands by her decision to “prepare” her for her shots in two weeks.

The whole topic of shots is a whole other blog.  If the state didn’t require The Boy to get the shots, I probably would have skipped them altogether.  Hasn’t polio been eradicated?  Whey are our children getting shots for that??

How much do you tell your kids???


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