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If you have been a Christian for any length of time you have probably participated in a Beth Moore Bible study, or at least you have heard of Beth Moore. If you haven’t heard of her click here to read some of her blog (and then immediately find a Breaking Free Bible Study in your area and join it…it will change your life).  It’s hard to know what title to address Beth by.  When you participate in one of her Bible Studies you feel like you know her…you feel a bit like a family friend.  Being from Texas, I would probably call her “Miss Beth”.  If I was feeling “old school Pentecostal”, I’d call her “Sister Beth”.

A few months ago my friend Candace sent me Facebook message (along with several other women) asking if we would like to go.   Out of the the large group she messaged only three of us signed on….Candace, my sister Judy and myself.  I was talking about it to my friend, Kimberly and she seemed interested and later my friend Becky said her and her mom were attending.  Candace, Judy, Kimberly and I opted to stay the night in Austin much closer to the venue and make a “girl weekend” out of it.   It could not have come at a better time.  Judy and I just threw a birthday party for our four year olds and then took my niece and nephew and our children out to West Texas and stayed for three days with 5 kids, a dog and a puppy, one air mattress (moms will understand this added stress-or) all while trying to help our sister, Jenny pack up her house and move.  It was crazy.  Our kids had way too much fun and have the injuries to prove it.  Seriously, I told the Boy he looks like a refugee fleeing a war zone; two skinned knees and I’m not sure if he got into some ants or if  some mosquitoes got to him but he had about 27 bug bites.  Turns out Epson salt soak is really good for that…well, it stops the itch. I did not want to see any kids for two weeks.  And I’m not saying “never” but I’m pretty sure I do NOT want a puppy…ever….maybe but probably not.

We went to see Beth, uh, Miss Beth.

I’m not a crier but, well maybe I am.  Maybe the Hubs is rubbing off on me.  I was crying before the first note on the piano of the first song was played.

Then Travis Cottrell sings “Victory in Jesus” (which is why I may be feeling “old school Pentecostal”).  Sometimes an old song can trigger such emotion.  Tears ran down my face. My childhood pastor passed away this past week; this is the man who first baptized me.  He battled cancer.  Lately it seems so many saints are being called home.  In the past few weeks, I’ve had his lovely wife on my mind.  She used to sing “Victory in Jesus” (not as fast as Travis) and because of her, I knew every word to that song.  I know she may not be feeling it right now but I know in her future she will be singing “Victory in Jesus”.   That also made me cry.  Thinking about her and praying for her…

The thing is, maybe a month ago we were at my parent’s house and our friends T-Bear (who probably prefers his given name, James) and Suzy (who prefers to be called Suzy but her given name is Paula…don’t tell her that I told you) came over.  T-Bear is one of those guys who can sing and preach.  He is baby (a youngster) but he likes “old school”.  For whatever reason, I started singing “Victory in Jesus”.  My dad joined in (he can sing pretty good himself) and James.  We were kind of “showing off” that we knew the verses.  When it got to the third verse, we all stalled and out of nowhere, Suzy begins to sing the last verse and I join her (did I mention that I do NOT sing good???  My dad asks me all the time to stop singing).  When we are finished she turns to her husband and says, “You didn’t know I knew that did you??” That’s the thing about Suzy, she’s got some good stuff hidden in there but you might have to get to know her to find out!  (By the way Suzy, I did bring you something from Beth Moore!!! but I’m not going to tell you unless you read this…see this is how I find out who is reading my blog).

I want to tell you all the wonderful things that Beth said but I am worn out.  Kimberly kept me up so late…she was making me laugh so hard.  It’s not her fault.  She kept telling me knock-knock jokes…no, she didn’t but she is very witty.  Then I woke up in the middle of the night (for me…it was before 6am) and I almost fell asleep during the morning session.  I want to go over my notes and give you some the highlights.

One of my highlights was spending time with my girls.  There is nothing quiet like having friends who really love Jesus and who want a Word and who are encouraging and kind….no bickering, no snappiness, no craziness…just peace and refreshing.

So this is my post shout out to my girls!!!  Yo Judy, Yo Candace, Yo Kimberly…okay, I’m not sure I did that right because that’s not really me.  Here’s how I shout out.  Hey, Y’all!  (Because that’s how we do it in Texas).

PS.  Christine Cain walked right past me today at the conference.  I almost took her picture like a paparazzi.

PSS. Beth, you were wrong….only 1/2 wrong.  There were NO dirty dishes in my sink and some of my laundry had been folded.  The Hubs knocked my socks off with that.

PSSS.  Hillsong Live is coming to the Cedar Park Center this Fall.  I’m just going to say, that place will one day be a church because it is being filled with worship!


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