Momlog 2012; Mom on Strike


I wanted to go on strike today.  I made a graph about it….this is my Frustration Chart.

This chart indicates my frustration levels in relationship to the amount of time I spend alone or without children (dates with the Hubs can lower frustration levels) and the frequency of the time I spend alone.  In other words, I either need more frequent times of being child-free or I need a higher quantity of time alone.

The green line represents my frustration level.  The purple line indicates the hours spent without children and the red line indicates the frequency of time I spend alone (in a two week period).  What I really want to know is what my breaking point is….I seriously believe that the kids have almost broken me on a few occasions.  You know that point that you get to when you either contemplate killing someone or you say, “Whatever….just do whatever you want. I hope you don’t die but whatever.”  What I found is that I need at at least 6 hours alone in a week.   I can tell you this, 10 days in a row is about at much as I can take.  And God forbid if it happens to coincide with the week of raging hormones….just sayin’.

In addition to “alone time”, I’d like to eat a hot meal without having to get up several times to get something for someone else or feed someone else. Yet, I haven’t lost any weight.

I’ve been asking my sister when she can come over and watch the kids, since we have to have someone with a special background check and CPR training to watch our kids….it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.  Someone needs to schedule a Pampered Chef Party because that is one of my few good reasons to leave the house and go be with grown-ups.

I heard a group of my friends went out last night to hang out and I would have really enjoyed that but no one called me. So sad (me).

I’m not whining or starting every sentence or paragraph with “I”…oh no, I am!

I did manage to make an organic, gluten-free meal for dinner.

It’s day 8.  This maybe my cry for help.

Have you seen the preview for this show Life Time is putting on?  They are taking all the women out of a town for a week.  One part of the preview shows a little child crying and crying for “Mama” and a dad desperately saying, “I want your mama, too….”  I want to see it.  The Hubs says he thinks he would like to be a “stay at home dad”.  Don’t tell him (the truth is, he hardly ever reads a whole blog of mine), but I don’t think he’s organized enough to do it. All I can imagine is him sitting around playing his guitar all day and taking his kids to the pool…this is what it would look like:  It would take about 57 minutes to get everyone in a swimsuit, then they would get in the car and get down to the pool only to realize he forgot someone’s floaties, so they would load the car back up and come back to the house, that little trip would take at least 19 minutes, maybe 26 since the kids listen to him even less than they listen to me.  They would come back and find the floaties only to find that his keys are missing, it would take 7 frantic minutes to find the keys…They would finally get to the pool, swim for 27 minutes before lunch time but dad doesn’t think about lunch unless he is hungry.  47 minutes and three fits later, they arrive back home…oh look, it’s nap time.    It only takes 33 minutes to get the kids into beds for naptime.  Now if only they would go to sleep.  More guitar playing.  Oh look, it’s 5:30 p.m.

I once left for 3 days and he was pretty happy when I came back.  A strike seems like a viable idea.


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