The Crazys


Yesterday was a court day.  I can’t give y’all any details (ask me later…no seriously, I can’t tell you anything).  Let’s just say, it was drama, drama, drama.  If you enjoy watching drama play out, be a foster parent, you are sure to get to meet the Crazys and watch their drama play out, possibly in court. I’m telling you, it was more exciting than watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

A deputy sheriff had to escort me and my kids to our vehicle after court.

Grown people bickering.  It’s bad enough that the parents who are in their 20s are bickering…that is pretty typical.  Let’s face it, people, really dating should be illegal for those under 30 years old…or maybe a psychological evaluation should be required for dating.  It was the parent’s parents (the grandparents) who caused the biggest disturbance.  Those apples didn’t fall far from those trees.  Seriously, they were removed from the courtroom during the proceedings….not asked to leave, escorted out.  And the children were taken to a jury room so they wouldn’t witness the fighting.

It also came to my attention (not the first time) that I have no Ebonic skills…NONE.  I could not understand one word out of this guy’s mouth.   I was aware of this issue in the past.  One of my friends, who is African-American, says that Ebonics make people look ignorant.  Her words not mine.  I will keep her name safe since she didn’t give me permission to quote her.  I’m not sure she speaks Ebonics either.  She is rather brilliant.  And in her defense, she did say it after we witnessed a rather nasty girl fight at an I-HOP (no,  all my Christian friends, not an International House of Prayer…an International House of Pancakes) in the southern Dallas area.  We didn’t understand anything those girls were yelling at each other.  My friend later tried to speak Ebonics but ended up just making us laugh.  I question my own cultural diversity at times but I married a Mexican so I am pretty diverse…someone called me a Mexican once….that’s another story and it was said to me in a very derogatory way….I’m so white too and I still question how the guy came to the conclusion that I was a “dumb Meskin”. (jerk….I guess I need to let that go and forgive the guy).

The guy’s lawyer was hilarious though.  He was a serious dandy…I’m pretty sure he has a haberdasher (I’ve been wanting to use that since I was watching Law and Order the other day and Detective Logan asked a tailor who was refusing to provide a list of clients because he said it was “privileged information”, “What are you a doctor of haberdashery?”…made me laugh out loud.  My favorite seasons of Law and Order are the seasons with Logan and Briscoe).  Anyway, he was dandy; A grey suit, with a pink neck tie and a pink hanky in his pocket.   And he was very zealous about defending his client but most of his defense was to accuse the other party of stuff.  He never once said his client didn’t do or did do what he was suppose to not do or do. The girl’s lawyer wasn’t much better.  He was a middle aged man with a couple of earrings.  Being a lawyer used to be a respectable profession…sort of…sure there were some sleazy lawyers but it was a little harder to tell the sleazy ones from the good ones.  There was a also a woman lawyer wearing cowboy boots with a skirt to court.  It is becoming harder to tell who the lawyers are and who the clients are and it isn’t because the clients are becoming more classy or educated.  Don’t tell the lawyers I said this…I don’t want to be sued. Let’s just say this. these phrases were used by LAWYERS in front of a judge today, “Babee Dadee” and “Booty Call”.  I almost laughed three times.  And yet, it was sad.

I think I’d like to be a judge.  I’d be the judge that the lawyer tells his client, “She’s tough. Don’t screw this up, she will hold you in contempt and through you in jail.”  or “She’s tough.  You might as well not show up today since you didn’t do what you were suppose to do.”.    It’s a hard job, I’m sure. The foster care system is broken. Here each county applies the rules differently.  For example, in one county, if a parent tests positive for drugs, any illegal drug, they automatically lose visitation rights until they test clean.  In another county, they may be asked the leave the visit but visitation privileges are not revoked.  The same rules should apply everywhere….it is confusing at the least.

Here’s my solution…everybody grow up!  Don’t have babies if you are going to lie, cheat, be drunk, commit criminal acts, do drugs or beat up your kid or each other.  If you aren’t going to grow up, give your kid up to some kind, good people to raise them so they don’t grow up screwed up like you.  (In general, everyone is a little screwed up but we don’t have to raise up families who are multi-generational drug and alcohol abusers.)  Parents have to make hard decisions every day.  If you don’t make the hard decisions and straighten up, someone will eventually make some hard decisions for you.   Get help for your “Crazys”.


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