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Ever get that feeling the seasons are changing?  It can’t happen soon enough here is Texas.  I don’t mind 95 degrees but 104 is too hot.  I’ll miss the pool but not sweating 8 gallons just from getting in my truck and waiting for the MAX AC to cool everything down so I can touch the steering wheel.

I am feeling a season change…it is more spiritual than physical.  Everything changes eventually.  Some changes are more intentional than others.  Like when I change the sheets on my bed….totally intentional.  (I need to do that).  Somethings are more subtle.

We have been fostering a new little girl and the spirit in our house has changed.  The boy frustrates me at times but I have found myself functioning from a place of deep frustration lately.  I won’t go into it all but God has had to remind me of the spiritual aspects of opening our home.  As Ephesians says, “We wrestle not with flesh and blood….”  My issues aren’t with these little ones.  It is sad that they are carrying spiritual baggage at such a young age but they are.  More prayer!  Less Frustration!   If it were a mathematical equation it would look like this:  Frustration + Prayer = Peace .  I think I need to write that on an index card and take it to my mirror.  All this frustration has come at a time when I am preparing for a speaking opportunity.  Of course.  It is a distraction. Yet, God simply reminds me of some foundational truths that I learned in my early years as a Christian.  Truths about binding and loosing and pleading the blood of Jesus.  I love that I have learned to rest in Him but there are seasons when we have to pick up that sword and declare, “It is written…” (Just like Jesus overcame the enemy in the wilderness).

Yes, you read correctly, I’ve been asked to speak.  I haven’t written anything about it but I did tell my family, my pastor and a few close friends.  It has been a while and I don’t want to make a big deal about it just in case it isn’t a big deal….in other words, I do not want to hype it up in case it isn’t all that great.  Although, I do feel God has been leading me in a very specific direction in regard to what I am to speak about.  So it will be for someone, maybe for me.  My friends have scolded me a little for not sharing so I am going to share.

It will be August 26th at 5:30 pm (Central Time) at Promiseland San Marcos and if want to tune in, it will be streamed here.   I was reminded by the event coordinator there will be an interview session after the message.  That makes me very nervous because I can edit myself when it comes to the message but it is more difficult for me to edit “off the cuff”.   If it so happens you cannot tune in live, Promiseland San Marcos always makes service available on CD or DVD or something.  And yes, you can submit interview questions during the message, please be nice.



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