What’s your Label?


Okay, this will probably be short….I have about 20 minutes to write before I have to hit the road to go pick the boy up from “school”.

A few days ago, my friend, Kimberly wrote this blog about “freedom”.  It’s good.  Kimberly has an incredible testimony and is personal friend of mine, not just someone I read.  I do not often recommend anyone…but I would write her a glowing recommendation.  When she finishes her first book (I’ve had the opportunity to read some excerpts from it) I will be celebrating with her and recommending everyone read it.

This goes along with her blog.

A few days ago, The Hubs was talking to his mom on the phone.  He told her (and this is a great quote if you want to re-tweet or post it somewhere), “You cannot talk into today’s blessing praying yesterday’s prayers.”  This is kind of a bonus…not exactly what the blog is about but he also gave her this testimony.

Several years ago, I think this happened about two years into our marriage, we were driving home from church discussing some situation.  And The Hubs says, “We’re the black sheep…”  In my head I was thinking, “Who is this ‘we’ you speak of??”  I had heard this statement from him before.  In fact, I think I even heard his dad say it a few times.  I had one of those Jesus moments where I turned and and looked at him and said, “I rebuke that, in Jesus name.  We are NOT the black sheep and I will not live under that curse.”  He was a little offended.  (He usually is a little offended with me when things like this come up).  It didn’t take long for him to pray about it and come into agreement that we do not have to live on the outside of things because we are somehow, “black sheep”.  We agreed that would NOT be our identity and began to declare some new things on our lives.  Guess what?  Breakthrough began to take place…in all areas of our lives.

A few days ago, when he was talking to his mom, he told her what had happened.  She laughed because my actions sounded exactly like what she would do and say.  Then she realized that she too has been living under the label of “black sheep” and she is now breaking that off of her generation.  (Praise God!)

Sometimes the labels we wear were handed to us by a parent, or a teacher, or a mentor or even a pastor.  It’s time to remove those negative labels and declare the Word of the Lord.

My new label is BLESSED!!  From “Black Sheep” to “Blessed” only Jesus can do that!

Psalm 34:8
Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

Trust Him!

(Blessed is in the Bible almost 300 times! Go read how blessed you are).



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