Flash Floods and Other Stuff


“But to what shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions,  – Matthew 11:16

Texas is really big.  Once when I was living in Alabama, I was given driving directions to a location where I was to teach a workshop.  They weren’t very good and I ended up in Georgia.  When I realized my mistake (4 miles in at exit 4), I turned it around and headed back to Alabama.  I jokingly told my class, “I’m from Texas, we never ‘accidentally’ leave the state.”   Really, why would anyone leave Texas unless you were going skiing or something (something you can’t do here). Today I traveled out to West Texas to see my sister.  While we live in what is called “Central Texas” and my sister lives in West Texas (a good 5 hour trip that we all make surprisingly often), the climates is quiet different.  You know how some TV shows depict Texas as a desert?  That’s more West Texas but Central Texas is weird….it’s humid, it may be vegitatively dried out but the climate will still be humid…in other words, we may have a burn band in effect but you are still going to drip sweat when you step outside.

The thing about West Texas is, the ground is rocky; like cement.  So when it pours rain, torrential rain, the water has no where to go and the streets very quickly begin to flood; very quickly.

When I lived in Alabama, I live near the coast.  We had what I always referred to as “hurricane rain”.  It was crazy huge, hard rain; pelting rain.  I once asked my friend, Angela if it ever “drizzles” and she asked me “What is drizzle?”  Never mind, you would know drizzle if it ever drizzled….just a slow dripping rain.

People in Austin freak out when it rains.  They drive like they are in a blizzard.  People in Alabama drive like bats out of hell, no matter what the weather is doing…I’m pretty sure the people living in San Angelo are actually from Alabama.  They were practically running me off the road.

Granted, I was driving my husbands vehicle (to save on gas) rather than the Ford Expedition I usually drive.  I missed her so much today.  I never worry about crashing in my tank…we would all be fine…the  Toyota that hits us will probably be totaled but we would be fine.   Most of the people flying by me were in big ole trucks.

I was white knuckled, gripping the steering wheel and trying to see three feet in front of me and avoid the rushing water on the roads to some extent.  Meanwhile in the back seat The Boy was so excited about the huge (pronounced uuuge) splashes we are making going through the water.  He was so unaware of the danger.

That’s the thing about flash floods…they are very dangerous.  If you aren’t from around here you might not know it.  Flowing water is very powerful and it is very difficult to tell how deep water is until you actually drive into it.  The Texas Department of Transportation has had whole campaigns to encourage people to turn around rather than trying to cross at low water crossings.  Every year, we hear about someone getting their vehicle stuck and having to be rescued or worse the vehicle being pushed off the road by the water or a someone exiting a stuck vehicle only to get washed away.  Don’t be a hero…just turn around.

I was LITERALLY praying as I drove and at one point pulled off the road.  The Boy wasn’t afraid at all….he didn’t know the danger or the importance of the situation and possibly more importantly, he trusted me.  He trusted that I was going to get him to “Aunt Jenny’s house”.  He trusted we would arrive safely.  For a split second I thought, “I wish I had that much faith.”  Then I told myself…I DO have that much faith.  I stopped gripping the steering wheel (although I did continue to tell the kids to stop yelling in the close quarters of the very loud vehicle).  I know we were in God’s hands.  I know His protection is upon us.  I think of Psalm 91 and the faith of a child.

Also during our long drive, we discussed some different scriptures we have been working on remembering.  I often quote, “Do not be wise in your own eyes;Fear the Lord and depart from evil.” (Proverbs 3:7)  Although we say, “flee from evil” and then I remind him that it means “run away from evil”.  Anyway, he told me, “I am going to tell Aunt Jenny, ‘Fear the Lord and flee from evil’.”  I had to remind him about the first part of the scripture.  He also knows, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)…every time he says something is scary or that he is afraid, we quote it.  Our next scripture is going to be Philippians 2:14 “Do all things without complaining or disputing”….because complaining has become a real problem.

We made it here.  My sisters house renovation is shaping up beautifully.  I love and older house…they always have character.  I would have loved to have purchased and renovated but I don’t have the skills and my sister isn’t going to let her husband come live with us to renovate our house.  Maybe in a few years when we are really, really rich..after the Hubs writes and records that hit song or I write some brilliant book.

Keep the faith.  With God, all things are possible. Praying that it doesn’t rain on the trip home….


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