While roadtripping yesterday, I caught up on listening to several podcasts. One of my standard podcast subscriptions is Pastor Bill Johnson who pastors Bethal (think Jesus Culture). He quoted Dick Mills (who he mentioned passed away earlier this year…sad news). I had an opportunity to hear Dick Mills at Knollwood Assembly of God about 8 or 9 years ago. Dick Mills was a prophetic voice to a generation. The interesting thing about him was he prophesied the Word. Every prophetic word he gave was a scripture. He knew the Bible backward and forward. He didn’t “look up” a word…he quoted scripture from memory. And when he ministered, everyone received a different scripture…he wasn’t just speaking the same thing over everyone. He was full of the Word. Pastor Johnson quoted him as saying that (and forgive me if I don’t get this exactly right), “Jesus is holding the sword (the Word) and we must walk into it. It is the sWORD that cuts and heals.”. What an illustration. Jesus holds the sword but we must willingly walk into it and allow it to pierce our hearts. When it pierces it both wounds us and heals us. The wounding is only a cutting away of those things that shouldn’t be. Good stuff to meditate on, on a Monday morning.

Have a blessed week, readers!


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