Tonight in our LifeGroup (shameless plug…we meet on Wednesday nights at 7pm and the food is almost always good), we were talking about the things that separate us from God and effect our prayer life.  I think God often peels us like an onion, layer by layer.

My friend, Jenny, who is an artist shared a great story about the Sistine Chapel.  Pictured here.

It is so vibrant and beautiful.  A few years ago, they began a restoration process on the chapel.  The Chapel itself (she said and I trust her) is around 800 years old.  The art was painted centuries ago long before electricity.  Over the years soot, ash, dirt, pollution and several not so great restorations had covered the art to the degree that people thought of the chapel as “dark” and even “gloomy”.  As they restored the chapel using all our modern methods what they uncovered was beautiful, bright and brilliant; what the artist originally intended.

Then Jen said she sees us like beautiful pieces of art that God created and as we entered the world and were trampled on and abused we become covered with grime and dirt.  But now our creator is working to restore us to His original design; bright, beautiful, brilliant and one of kind.

I am so thankful that our God is a God of restoration and reconciliation!  And I am also so thankful that He isn’t finished with me yet!

I loved the story so I had to share it.


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