Tell Your Heart To Beat Again


Sometimes I have to name drop a little.  I know, it’s terrible.  I’m going to do it anyway.  My youth pastor was Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig and Dean fame.  If you have ever listened to KLOVE for more than 15 minutes you have heard one of their songs. I regret to say, that many of us thought he was kind of a “not onto us” when he was our youth pastor. I think he probably was but he was super young then so he was also maybe, just a little, trying to be cool. Interestingly, out of our group youth quiet a few are grounded believers, some leading worship, some writing books, some pastoring churches.  It is actually a testimony that he did some things very “right”.

Tonight I took the Boy to his first concert, yes that’s right, his first concert was Phillips, Craig and Dean (PCD for short).   He loved the smoke and the lights.  He did great even when he started to get tired.  I am so glad PCD was his first concert.  On the way home, their version of “Revelation song” came on the radio and he said, “Mom, there is that Holy, Holy, Spirit song”.  I was surprised he recognized it.

The concert was actually a celebration of Promiseland San Marcos opening their new sanctuary.  It turned out to be a family reunion for me.  Bishop Kenneth Phillips and Sister Phillips (Pastor Randy’s parents ) were there, as well as friends, Pastor Charlie Lujan, The Subers (also pastors at Promiseland in Austin), and of course my friends Pastors Robin and Erica Steele….plus I had a chance to visit with friends Elizabeth and Tabitha (such biblical names) and I got to see my friend Margarita.  Plus I got to spend time with my sister, my nephew, and my dad.  My cup is overflowing.

“Pastor Randy”,  as we always called him, can write a song about about anything.  If you have ever been to one of his concerts, at least here in Texas,  they sing a little ditty about a cockroach.  It’s cute.  The man is a lyricist.  I know about lyricist because I married one.  Everyone one of the members of PCD are amazing songwriters.  If memory serves, Shawn Craig wrote the song, “In Christ Alone”.   Song after song they have written and sang.  Their voices blend together so well.  It always seems like they are having fun together.  These men are the real deal; they live it, they breathe it.

I admit, I had not purchased their latest CD.  Over the years I find most the CDs I buy are worship CDs by groups like Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, Brian and Jen Johnson.  It’s just different.  Tonight I crossed the parking lot to buy their new CD for one song, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”.

Why?  Because it is what I want to tell my readers.  To every spiritual orphan, to every spiritual step-kid, to everyone who has been chewed up and spit out by the church or just in life.  It is going to be okay.  God is touching your heart to start it beating again…now you have to tell your heart to beat again; to dream again; to live.

Here is my youth pastor,

This video may be a little cheezy but here is the song with the lyrics:


One thought on “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

  1. I missed the concert because I am taking a Spanish class on Thursdays. I heard a little bit of it online after I got home…actually I heard the cockroach song:)

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