“The Situation”; The Hardest Cases II


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Today as I was driving and praying (yes, driving is one of the best “praying” times…that’s why I love roadtrips), I began to pray for a “situation” (please excuse my overuse of the quotations).   Now I understand how some guy on tv can get the nickname “The Situation” because there are a few people who I want to call “The Situation”.  Which reminds me of one of those funny postcards you see on Pinterest.  It said, “The best nicknames are the ones the person doesn’t know about.”  This made me laugh out loud…literally, because I remembered back to my single days.  Our single’s group had several guys named “Michael” and they all had nicknames…behind their backs.  There was “sad Michael”, “hot Michael”, “Strange Michael”, “Skinny Michael” (I’m making these up, btw).  We once almost got caught because my friend (who shall remain anonymous but who I secretly called “The Hulk”…well, it wasn’t so secret but she hated it!  I wondered what they said about me??  You know that if you give secret nicknames you probably have one??) she used nicknames to distinguished which was which on her phone.  So her phone said “Hot Michael” was calling.  Using the nicknames was funny but what was funnier is watching her get embarrassed and jerk that phone away from a Michael.    He wasn’t that “hot”.

That was the comic relief before the zap.

Today I was praying and thinking about a “situation” and God simply told me…   We don’t mind “the hardest cases” as long as we aren’t feeling the brunt of their sting.  As soon as we are the ones taking their hits, we lose grace for the person.  And we need to remember the times in our lives when we were the “hardest case”.

If you have been the one taking the hits.  Keep praying.  God had grace for you when you were someone’s “situation”.

Now I need to go pray for some crop failure because I am pretty sure that I have been “The Situation” several times for multiple people.  And if you are reading this and I was that person…  Please forgive me.  I was stupid and prideful and thought I knew so much.  I apologize.  God is working on me…still.


2 thoughts on ““The Situation”; The Hardest Cases II

  1. He’s working on all of us…still;) We should finish our study some time…maybe when there is a school break? I want to see how it ends…and I miss you, Judy and Jenny:)

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