Happy Birthday to me



Yesterday was my birthday. It was sweet and good. I was laying in bed last night thinking about how completely spoiled I am. That’s right. I am a little rotten. The Hubs bought me some cute UGG boots…I picked them out. I bought myself a new dress. He basically celebrated my birthday all month. He bought me a watch. He sent me flowers. I even received Resee’s peanut butter cups. And last night, he came home and made me some Chico’s tacos…also known as drowning tacos. They were very good. My kitchen is wrecked!!

If you are one of my faithful readers you know that the Hubs and I didn’t get married until we were in our 30s. All through my 20s I watched as my sister’s sweet husbands showered them with gifts and love and babies. I felt left out. Not that I wanted their husbands but a part of me thought that it would never happen for me or that I didn’t deserve to have all that….parts of me that God has healed. I remember my sister told me several years ago, “You deserve a new(er) vehicle as much as so-n-so (insert name).” I understood what she meant. She meant. We are all God’s favorites and we all should walk as God’s favorites. None of us “deserve” anything really but I am as much God’s favorite as she is or the person who she mentioned. I got it. You too deserve the best God has for you.

I have this thing about “hanging on to” money. Yes, we have a couple of savings accounts. Yes, we have life insurance. Yes, we have a 401K. But I worked for several securities companies when I was single…teaching stock brokers how to use investment software. Part of my training was attending Merrill Lynch “university”. Deep down, I know God was molding me and training me to handle the blessings He is sending into our lives. We are called to be wise and not foolish with what He gives us. Having said that, we really haven’t “saved” or “invested” the way we could. In other words, we could do more. Having said that (smile), I also feel that when we are generous a flow is created in our lives. In other words, we can never “out give” God. One member of our life group (and this is someone I respect….reminds me so much of one of my beloved brother-in-laws), told us about God showing him that money is like flowing water…a resource to be used, a resource that He (God) will cause to flow. When we give, when we obey God despite what it may “look” like, God causes resources to flow for us. A few months ago we made a plan to give to a cause and we also planned to go to a family retreat that our church was having. I began to give to those two things and then…some resources we were counting were not as much as they had been in the past. We gave anyway. All of the sudden, we had an increase in some completely separate areas. Seriously, like $300 extra came in from a different sources. God is good!

Back to my birthday. šŸ˜€

The Hubs does spoil me. He is so supportive. Last year when we began fostering our twins, I was overwhelmed with getting everything done. One of the girls from the church came over and cleaned my house. I think she volunteered. Then she brought a friend with her. I don’t even remember the details but it was such a relief for me. Well, after our twins went to live with a family member, they have continued to come clean. Now we pay them so it helps then out too. We talked about maybe having them clean twice a month or once a month or something like that but the Hubs told me (and this almost made me cry), that he would rather I spend my time writing than worrying about the state of the house. Actually, I think he put it, you are too gifted to be worrying about cleaning. I know, spoiled, right??? (that is NOT to say, if you like to clean that is your area of giftedness or that somehow I am more gifted. Not at all! Sometimes, it is just the season. And who knows, maybe all of this is so some very talented ladies can be blessed with some extra cash).

It’s okay, I believe that God wants to spoil us a little too. He wants us to experience His goodness in the land of the living. (Read Psalm 27!!). He has good things for you too! He knows that I hate cleaning and I love boots/shoes!!! He’s just good like that!!

The other thing that made me feel so blessed and spoiled on my birthday…over 100 of my friends sending birthday wishes via Facebook. I know, it’s a little silly to count but I felt blessed by it! (And I am TERRIBLE at remembering birthdays!!! To me it is like reaping where I didn’t sow.)



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