I was reminded today that Jesus spoke the truth unapologetically.

Later this evening I laughed when imagining how Jesus would have sounded if He spoke the truth the way we do sometimes… sandwiched.  Sandwiched between apologies. ” I’m so sorry…I don’t mean to offend you…truth inserted here…please still like me.”  Seriously, it sounds ridiculous.

Speak the truth in love.

The example used:  Think about Jesus’ conversations with Peter.  (Read Matthew 16).  Jesus asks Peter, “Who do you say that I am?”  Peter eventually answers, “The Son of the living God”. (great answer).  Jesus says, “…the Father in heaven revealed this to you.”  A paragraph or two later, Jesus tells Peter, “Get behind me, Satan”.   No apology included.

Speak the truth in love, not in apology.


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