What’s New…nothing really


There are a lot of “new” things and I want to tell you about all of them but…I don’t have time so here’s the summary.

My Expedition has been in the hospital for 10 days and I am busting her out today….for over $1000.  I keep telling myself…1. That’s what emergency funds are for.  2. At least we don’t have a car note. 3. Everything is going to be okay.

Today is the twins 1st birthday and I haven’t heard anything from the family.  This makes me sad.  Actually what makes me sad is that I can’t squeeze them and give them kisses.

Praying about the fostering thing.  We want to foster but we really don’t want our family stressed out…so we need kids that will fit with our family.  I really want some babies…well, really I want my babies, which means whichever babies God sends to us whether biological or adopted.

Obama is president again and I hear that all these “tax cuts” we have been getting are “going away” next year.  What tax cuts, I ask myself….  I hear corn (the commodity) prices are sky-rocketing but I figure it is all that genetically modified stuff anyway so who cares. Except, darn Merrill Lynch, I know what commodities are and why they are important.  Greece needs 35 trillion dollars in bailouts or they are going…I don’t think they are really “going” anywhere but it’s going to be bad.  Maybe China can loan them some money.  I heard they were having some issue too.  The European financial markets are in toilet (I was going to say crapper but it sounded so crass) with no end in site.   The thing is, I normally don’t watch the news but I did this week because of the elections. Here is what I know, we had what we needed two weeks ago and nothing much has changed.  Obama was president two weeks ago.  Greece had financial issues, the European markets have been in the toilet for years….so everything is the same.  I can dread tomorrow or next year, but Jesus said “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”  (Matthew 6:34).   So turn off Fox News, MSNBC and CNN (especially turn off CNN) and know that God is still good and Jesus is still King.  And Romney was the lesser of two evils and not Jesus; he wasn’t going “to save us” and we never were suppose to put our faith in him.

Pray more.

Hopefully, I will stop having the weird dreams….I had a really strange one after our LifeGroup the other night.  A Terminator pastor (you know like in Terminator 2 when all his skin burned off and just the metal was left)  who shoots people who try to come into his church and cause problems…they were armed too so I guess they deserved to get shot by the terminator pastor.



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