Sow Something


I want to issue a challenge today to my readers.  The challenge is this:  Sow into someone’s life today or this week.  Yes, I know it’s the season for giving but I am not necessarily talking about money.

Over the years, the Hub and I love to give.  We have had the opportunity to sow into many ministries in the past five years.  Recently, we have found ourselves wanting to sow into people; sowing into their lives.  It may sound like mentoring but that’s not what I mean, although we believe in that too.  What I am talking about it giving that makes their lives richer in some way.

We have many friends in ministry.  By that I mean they are on staff in a church or ministry. They aren’t all pastors.  We love the pastors in our lives but the people on staff of ministries and churches do so much of the day-to-day that goes on.   We have seen how hard they work and how much of themselves they give.  One of my mottoes in life (thanks to my friend Charlie Lujan, who coined it), “God always pays well.”  I’ve seen this over and over in my life for certain.  Since God pays well, most people working in ministry are taken care of but most of them are not rich people.  In fact, most of them live their lives on a tight income.

We have gotten creative in what we can “give”.  You might not be able to give money but you can take care of their kids so they can go on a date.  (I know sometimes, the babysitter costs more than our dinner when do get a date night).  You could cook them a meal (Pastor Doug, I promise I am going to bring you some potato soup….soon….maybe Thursday).  You can mow their lawn (only if you are good at it).  You can take them some groceries.  You can….

What can you do?  You fill in the blank.

Here’s the thing, your talent or your gift can sow into their life.  And when their lives are rich and full, they have more to give.  When they give, someone receives and has more to give.  And then those people can give….  it’s a cycle.  It creates a beautiful whirlwind in the heavens that makes God smile.

Did I say, “We love giving?”   Here is how we give:   Whenever possible, we try to give anonymously.  It is great to get a “thank you” but really accolades are a little embarrassing because it all belongs to God; the resources it took or the talent He gave us it is all His.   Look for things you can do that will create good memories for them so they can be reminded later of how special and appreciated they are.  (I once nominated a pastor for “pastor of the week” on a radio station during pastor appreciation month…and he was appreciated one day of the month…it was so awesome to hear how surprised their family was…it was a long, long time ago so I don’t think it violates the “anonymous” clause.)  Think outside of the box.  Do not give with the idea in mind that the person “owes” you or that it will be re-payed….ever…that’s not a gift, that’s a loan.  In fact, when possible, sow into the lives of people who will never be able to pay you back.  It is harder for them to try to “repay” if you follow the “anonymous” clause.

Be a blessing!




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