I am suppose to be working on my book project.  I’m at Chic-fil-a.  I wrote my first book at Barnes and Nobel in Mobile Alabama.  I spent hours in that cafe.  They didn’t have Wi-Fi at the time so I couldn’t get on the internet….that was before I started using Blueletterbible.com for a lot of my Bible Study (I was looking up things in the Strong’s Concordance…which I sometimes still do but BlueletterBible.com is good because the Greek and Hebrew are right at my fingertips).  I did most of the editing for my first book at my sister’s house in West Texas….during naptime or late at night.

Here’s the thing…if I stay at home, I will find so many other things to do…like laundry and dishes.  There are always distractions.

Now, I am just hoping to get a few pages typed out in this noisy Chic-fil-a while keeping any eye on The Boy through the glass while he is playing.  And he keeps trying to tell me things through the glass even though, I can’t hear him at all.  I forgot that school is out this week so there are lots of kids running around in here.

I know it took a while to write the previous book but this seems to be taking forever.

The Hubs is a songwriter.  He may not write a song every day and some songs he writes get edited and tweaked over time but often he just spits them out.  Seriously, last Wednesday he woke up with a course in his head.  I left him alone in the house for two hours and when I came home he had a whole song hammered out.

After last week, I know one thing for sure…I have to get more writing time in.

I keep telling myself  “Just do it!!!”

All you writers and would-be writers…tell me where do you write and what inspires you?


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