What the….??


Today was a weird day.  I wore skinny jeans which I said I wouldn’t but I bought these adorable boots in October and the skinny pants look cute tucked into them…at least my sister said it looked good.

My mom EMAILED me about a death in the family.   I’m trying to find a good reason why one should receive such news via email but I cannot think of one.  Nope.  The weird thing about this is that I think my parents may have become too computer savvy.  My response to her email was to text her.   They have no problem emailing or texting such information but for some reason they treat texting like phone calls and ask that we NOT text them after 10 p.m. because they are in bed.  She didn’t seem to want to “text” with me.

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think you should go ahead and make the phone call when someone passes.  Funny thing was, one of my cousins Facebooked me and said her mom didn’t call her either but was planning on sending an email when my cousin happened to call her.

These people are over 60 years old.  When they were our age, they didn’t have email!!!  One great thing I can say about the previous generation in our family…they adapt!



3 thoughts on “What the….??

    • Girl, you rock skinny jeans because you are skinny my friend!! I decided I can wear them if I wear a longer shirt and boots…I actually bought them because I got some cute Ugg boots for my birthday and it is hard to tuck not-skinny jeans into them.

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