Fields of Grace


Thinking about an old Darrell Evans Song (not that old…it’s not “Amazing Grace” old), “Friend of God”.  One line in the song says, “I am dancing with my Father God in fields of grace.”  Darrell Evans wrote, “Friend of God” and it was big in worship services for a while. My friend Angela took me to see him once when I lived in Mobile, Alabama.  He is from Mobile and so is Integrity Music.  If you look at the back of many contemporary Christian CDs you will see their logo.  Angela actually introduced me to Third Day too…their worship albums…I’m not to into their other stuff but their CD “Offerings” is in my CD player today. Plus, Dennis can sing a pretty good Mac Powell impression.  I’m rambling.  Darrell Evans gave a powerful testimony about this song and an addition he has battled.

Today I was reading my “90 days with Jesus” study (YES my friends, I started it in August and I’m not finished yet…clearly it is more like a One year Bible Study…don’t tell Beth Moore). It was about John the Baptist and how he had doubts about Jesus when he was in prison and Jesus was out and about performing miracles.  It was a pretty good study.  Got me thinking about how John was a sacrifice too because he had to die to prove he wasn’t the Messiah.  He died and did not rise again on the third day.  He was the last of the “Old Testament” prophets pointing to Jesus, the ultimate prophet.  Just because John had to die doesn’t mean he had to like it or want to do it (neither did Jesus for that matter).    In any case, being in prison for confronting Harrod gave John enough time to contemplate the Messiahship of Jesus.  He had some doubts.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with some friends and one of them said that Florida was a bad time for them and that bad decisions were made.  This friend is in ministry these days.  I thought about this.  I feel the same way about Mobile.  I had some incredible opportunities there both good and bad.  I made some very bad decisions there mostly based on my own doubts.  I did some things that were huge “fails”.  I have often asked God “Why did I have the ‘Mobile’ experience in my life?  What good came out of it?” As I listened to my friend talk, I found myself saying, “What if those things had happened where you were before? or Where you are now?”  For me, it those things had happened before Mobile, so many people would have been hurt.  If those things had happened after, so many people would have been hurt.  I most likely would not have recovered from my own sin.  Mobile didn’t make me who I am , it revealed what was there, very much like when Jesus told Peter, “Satan has asked for you to sift you.”  Sifting doesn’t make, it reveals.  Now I know who I can be if I don’t pay attention and stay on guard.  Most often, God takes us to the wilderness for our testing.

During my time in Mobile, I allowed doubts to infiltrate what I knew about my God.  I began to believe some of the lies of the enemy.  It was there.  God had to allow it to be revealed so it could be dealt with and healed.

The wilderness is a place of grace.  It is.  It doesn’t feel good.  It isn’t fun.  It doesn’t feel like grace but it is.  Because when He brings us through it; out of it, our eyes are open.  If we have any faith left, even the tiniest bit the size of a grain of mustard seed, He can work with that.

I found grace in Mobile, Alabama.  Not through a person but through an experience. I have “danced with my Father, God in fields of grace.”  And you can to.  If even the littlest part of you believes in Him, you can dance too.  Don’t worry about all the doubts, the lies, the let downs….He still loves you.  He wants you back.

If you have been in the wilderness…eventually, we all have to come out of the wilderness.  It’s time to dance.




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