Our church has been doing a series on storms…weathering storms.  We all have them.  They actually say, you are either in one, coming out of one or going into one.  I think that may be a little extreme thinking but maybe that is because I don’t think everything has to be a storm.

Think of high school….so much drama but hopefully by the time you are 30, the things that caused drama in high school no longer cause an uproar in your life.  Hopefully. (If they do, you need to grow up…mature, develop some godly character).

Yesterday during the message I was thinking about what possible storm I could be in right now.  And of all the things going on in my life right now, I wouldn’t consider any of them a “storm”.  Maybe some waves and a little wind but not a storm and the reason is, I have been through all of them before.

That’s the thing about storms…if you have been through them before, and your faith is firmly rooted in Jesus then you know He has it all in His hands.

I remember when my job ended at a start up company I was working for…in December.  We were concerned about the money but I told the Hubs, “God’s got this”.   It was disappointing but it wasn’t the end of the world.  And no, we couldn’t really afford it but God got us through. Seriously, I don’t remember it being “bad” only that we made it.

A few weeks ago, I went to have a check up and the doctor found some irregular cells.  So last week, I went for a biopsy.  It hurt and is still hurting but I am not worried.  I am praying for a complete healing but I know that God has this too.  I’ve had these reports from the doctor before.

A few years ago, we started fostering “the Boy” and we had him for five months and then he went back with his bio-mom.  We were devastated.  I was so upset and I didn’t know what to do with myself.  It was so strange to me that my boy was off having experiences that I knew nothing about with people that I would never allow him to be around unsupervised…and it was all out of my control.  I knew that I knew that I knew that he should be with us.  I was praying about the situation and praying protection over him when I heard God tell me, “It’s okay.  He is your family and he will be back.”  That was in September and we didn’t hear anything until January when we got a call to pick him up.  It was a storm for me.  There is nothing like not knowing when it comes to your kids.  And when the twins we fostered (which we were told would be adoptable) went to live with family, we were heartbroken again.  It hurt.  I was disappointed.  A friend of mine who worked with us with both the Boy and the twins, called and checked up on me.  Without even knowing it, she gave me a “Word”.  It resounds with me, even now.  “You’ve been through this before.  You know what God can do.”  (I thank God for sending godly people into our home to help our children!).  That word was dead on.  I KNOW WHAT MY GOD CAN DO!  He works out the impossible.  He puts a barren woman into a happy home with children. (Psalm 113:9)

What I know for sure, is that God is for me and not against me.  As my friend, Kimberly said in her message yesterday, “God is looking for situations in which to show Himself strong.”  He wants to show off for me and for you.  He is on my side.  He has the best things in mind for me.  I have to trust that He knows the the beginning from the end.  He knows.

You see, not every situation or every wind has to be a storm.  Especially those things you have seen before.  I’ve had negative reports from the doctors before.  God brought me through it all.  I’ve had kids go back to to parents when I knew they were better off with us.  We have had money problems and people problems.  God has been with us in those storms.  Once you have a testimony, the storms are fewer and farther between because your faith takes root and as those roots go down, more nutrients begin to strengthen you and the winds no longer move you.

Out here in Texas, we have a lot of pastures.  One year, we had several very big storms and even a few tornados.  The result was the trees along the pasture line were all bent in one direction.  The were all “leaning”, or so it seemed to the eye.  Even though they were leaning, they were not uprooted and they were not ripped from the ground…they withstood the wind.  And over the years, those trees have straightened back up.

Before the wind blows, before the storm comes, put your roots down.  Read your Bible and pray so in that day when the wind comes, you will be like the righteous man in Psalm 1:

He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.

I don’t discount for one minute that God uses storms.  And some storms are not to be avoided but welcomed.  But know this, once you have weathered this storm, you can expect you may face the same wind again and the second time around you KNOW, “God’s got this.”

To hear the messages referenced in this post, click here.  The series is called, “Dancing in the Rain”.


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