Momlog: 2012 The Last One this Year


We have had a few weeks of food, family and all around fun.  As always, when my nieces and nephews are around (that makes 5 kids between the ages of 3 and 9) many funny conversations take place.

For example, one night the kids were sleeping over at my house and at bedtime one of them (no names mentioned) prayed that they would all stop picking their noses and eating their boogers and then added a prayer for his/her dad to stop picking his nose and flicking his boogers on the floor.  I was in total agreement with this prayer and I was on the floor laughing.

In a more serious moment, the were playing “pretend” and the youngest began crying (throwing a bit of a fit really) because she wanted one of the 4 year olds to pretend to be someone else in the game and that 4 year old was uncooperative. My seven year old nephew told her “You have to let people be who they want to be.” Then he came and told us (moms), “Uhm, I told her, and I learned this from you, Aunt Judy, that we have to let people be who they want to be”.  He was so serious.  We all agreed that, “Let people be who they want to be” is a good life lesson. (Unless it’s your kid the you have to tell them who they are going to be….sort of.)

Later my sister, Jenny and I were talking.  As we chatted, I thought about a few things I wanted to share on this blog.  We believe that raising our children to know Jesus, not just about Jesus is the most important thing.  I have identified two primary things that I want to teach my son.  I feel these two things will take him far in life.

1. Respect others. He is learning this now by addressing adults with a proper title, like Miss Hannah or Miss Stacy or Uncle Mark. He is also learning this by saying, “Yes, mam” and “No, mam” or “Yes, sir” and “No, Sir”.  (So if you are around my child please do not tell him he doesn’t have to call you Miss or Mister or use his “Yes, Sirs” or “Yes, Mams”.  (It undermines what we are teaching him).  I believe having respect for others will take him places in life.

2. Be teachable and receive instructions. So many people in life fail because they cannot take orders.  Jobs are lost, relationships severed because they just cannot stand for anyone to tell them anything.  It is my firm belief that God will get you past this if you are but you will go through the school of hard knocks.  Some people never learn to take instructions and they make very little progress in life.

What values are you teaching your children?  What values are you establishing?  (I may need to add some to this list).

God Bless all you parents this next year.  May the lessons you are teaching your children be fruitful and multiply.  May you see the fruit of your labor in the land of the living!  God Bless and Happy New Year!


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