God’s Promises


I have a group of friends who take time each month (twice a month) to memorize scriptures.  Each month on the 1st and 15th we are to choose a scripture and post it and work on memorizing that scripture.  About half way through last year, I started using that scripture as the one I wanted to teach The Boy.  I think I got a few scriptures in him last year.  My sisters and I grew up learning scriptures, being surrounded by scripture and even having a weekly Bible verse to memorize at Sunday School.  I feel that those scriptures have guided my life.  As a result of learning those scriptures as a child, as an adult they roll off my tongue.  I want that for my family.

As I considered my goals for the boy this year, I decided that I do not just want to teach him scriptures but this year, I want to teach him scriptures with God’s promises.  I want for God’s promises to roll off of his tongue.

So this year, periodically, I will be posting “God’s Promises”.  I may just post the scripture or I may explain it’s significance to me.

Thanks READERS!!  God’s blessings to you and your family this year!  May you all be fruitful and multiply in whatever you put your hand to.


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