Momlog 2013: Water Bill


It’s official, we have hit the “Playing in the water phase”.  Three things I find myself constantly saying,

  1. “Go use the potty”.  (Of course, if anyone is at our house, The Boy publicly tells me he is going to poop.  He needs no help with this at this point – 4 and a 1/2 – but feels the need to announce it any way).
  2. “Did you wash your hands?”  (inevitably the answer is… he looks at his hands.  mom-eyeroll.  To which my response is, “Go wash your hands.”)
  3. “Turn the water off.”  although this alternates with “Turn the lights off.” (it’s official, I’ve turned into my dad.  That’s right. My DAD.  You see, my dad made us wear seat belts before it was the law-he was a cop and then a firefighter so he saw tons of injuries that could have been prevented by buckling up- and he recycled and conserved energy before it was cool.  Mostly he did it to save money, not because he is super concerned about the environment.  I never really understood how/why he was concerned about the water and electric bills since the first 27 years of my parent’s marriage, my MOM paid all the bills. I know why I’m always saying “turn off the …”  because I pay the bills and I know how much the water bill and electric bill. If he were 5 years old or could read, I would show him the water bill but he’s only 4 years old so it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to him.)

Maybe I should let him play in the water in the bathroom.  I’ve been needing a break.   He wants to spend every waking moment with me and he talks constantly now…seriously…I just say, “Wow” and “Really?” (Hey, it’s “active listening”…I learned that skill when I used to listen to people gripe and complain about their computer software for so many years…).  In any case, I usually realize he is in the bathroom playing in the water when the lack of chatter has been replaced by the lulling hum of running water for about 10 minutes, which is when I start to doze off.

My niece is going to be spending some more time with us since the Boy needs more companionship and my sister is working very hard to homeschool her 9 year old.  An active 4 year old while trying to teach….I can only imagine the challenges.  She’s a character too.  The boy just ran in and told me that she needed an ice pack because she tripped on his racetrack (the one I put together over Christmas).  I had her come down (no tears or anything) and wiggle her toes.  She thought she needed ice too (I’m sure she made the original suggestion since I have rarely, if ever put ice on The Boy) until I suggested she might need to take a nap and ice those toes down.  The toes miraculously healed in under 7 seconds.

In any case, the only reason I have time to type up this quick blog is because my niece is here so the boy isn’t sitting next to me telling me a story about my husband waking him up at night and giving him soda.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Apparently (according to the boy) The Hubs wakes him up and night and gives him soda (which is wrong on so many levels since we RARELY have soda in our house and when he does get soda it is usually a combination of lemonade and gingerale or Sprite).  He must have some vivid dreams.

The other reason our water bill is “high” (it’s not Texas-summer high….over a $100 a month), is because I’m washing sheets every day.  Two “bed-wetting” incidents have taken place.  I asked him what was going on…why the bed wetting (yes, you can ask your kids these ridiculous questions…be sure to wait for a response, some response is sure to follow). He told me…”I didn’t go to the potty before bed.”  I remember bedtime last night…it was horrendously, drawn out.  Meaning…he stalled, he took forever to put on pajamas and even longer to brush his teeth.  Although, he has 3 different toothpaste in his bathroom (all kid friendly) he had to have the one toothpaste he couldn’t get the lid off of.  He didn’t call for help for over 10 minutes until I started asking what was going on.  It was nearly 9 p.m.  (Bedtime is 8:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.).  No story last night.

I am beginning to understand why some of my friends are happy to not have any more children after their youngest turns 4.  It is a more “fun” age and they can do lots of things for themselves.  And they understand the words coming out of our mouths… I get it.  Under four is a lot of work.

An eerie silence has fallen in my house.  I must investigate.  Silences is suspicious.




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