Goodness of God


This week I’ve washed The Boy’s sheets twice.  No…I am not one to wash/change sheets twice a week.  In fact, if it gets done once a week I’m feeling pretty “homemakerish” and “good-mom-ish”.  One of my grandmothers was a very practical German woman.  I think she taught my mom (even though, she wasn’t my mom’s mother) things about housekeeping.  My grandma also had 8 children and became a widow at age 36 when she was pregnant with her youngest child.  She’s kind of a personal hero of mine. Grandma did baths at night so sheets stayed cleaner longer.  My mom did this and now I do it…if one is dirty then they take a bath before bed thus  not taking their filth to bed with them and cutting down on the need to change sheets every few days or wallow in one’s own filth.

Sometimes God speaks to me using the most simple things.  At times I think that people think that I sit around thinking about these things and come up with them but no…I don’t.  Things just pop into my head and I say them and sometimes they sound good. (Sometimes they don’t sound good at all).

Last night, at our life group we were talking about the Promises of God.  And I found myself sharing about how God has revealed Himself “good” to me and I just have to believe the best things about Him.  If I start thinking badly of Him, I remind myself of how good He is…  and it’s all backed up by scripture.  The thing is, I grew up thinking the worst of Him.  My basic understanding was that God was angry, He was waiting for me to screw up and His reaction was ultimately going to be to pitch me into Hell.  As a parent, I am on the lookout for when my child “messes up” my goal isn’t to punish him, it is to bring correction so he will be a blessing to God, to our family and to others.

The first round of washing of the sheets, he told the Hubs that he peed on himself, he was wet but the sheets weren’t wet (I didn’t check, I took the Hubs word for it) but I wasn’t sure if he had maybe peed and it had dried so I washed them because pee stinks and no one should have to sleep in stink.  The second morning the freshly washed sheets were wet…I verified this myself.  The sheets, the bed liner and even the comforter got washed.  Yes, I fussed at the Boy.  I even asked him what was going on.  He told me he forgot to go to the potty before bed.   Even though, I was unhappy, inconvenienced and put-out, I still washed everything for him and remade his bed.  Why?  Because I love him and I want good things for him. I don not want him to become accustom to filth.

We had some difficulty potty training because when he was very little, his diaper wasn’t changed very often and he was okay with being wet and even pooped.  One of my friends told me that I was going to spend a fortune on diapers because I changed our babies so much when they were itty-bitty.  The thing is, I was looking to the future.  I want them to like being dry so when it is time to potty train, they will be motivated to use the potty.   The same thing with being clean….the Boy doesn’t like being sticky and will often ask for a napkin or ask to wash his hands during the middle of a meal.  Why?  because when he was little, I constantly cleaned him up.

God doesn’t want us to wallow in our own filth either.  He doesn’t want us to become accustom to it.   In His goodness, He wants us to be uncomfortable with filth and have a desire to “be clean”.  He doesn’t want us to wallow in it.

It reminds me of Matthew 7:11 when Jesus said, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!”

When we screw up, and we do all the time, if we ask Him, He will pick us up, dust us off and even clean up the mess.  He’s good like that.  He doesn’t just “wipe the soiled area”, He takes all of it and washes it…even underneath part.  He cleans it so that there is no trace of the filth.



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