Wonderstruck: Hope


This previous blog, Wonderstruck,  explains what I’m up to.  Click here to read the entire posting at Margaret Feinberg’s blog.

Today’s Wonderstuck topic is Hope.  While I am enjoying this little series not every topic is super inspiring to me.  And I’ve decided I do not have to write a blog on every topic…I release myself from that. But the instructions for today were to think of a song that has brought you hope or restoration during difficult times.  She ask that you post or tweet it but I would rather share a little something and I there are several songs that stick out for me…

This one in particular sticks out to me.

There have been several seasons in my life when God felt so far off.  Most of these seasons were a direct result of my own actions.  I couldn’t feel Him.  I couldn’t hear Him yet I knew He was there because He said He would never leave me or forsake me.  This song was my declaration.  I might be in the middle of something but I am making a conscious effort to praise You no matter what my circumstances look like.

In case you need some suggestions for what to praise Him for:

I know…it’s old school but Jesus and this song, got me through some stuff in the 90s.  It’s a reminder that He has gotten us through so many things before and He is doing it again…

Two more…if you have time.

These two are more recent…

Because what we need most is to know who He says we are.

I love the lyrics…”chains are broken…I’m no orphan anymore”.

And still one of my favorites….because some times I have to remind myself of all that He has done.

(And this is how this song is meant to be sung…slow and lovely.)

I’m going to serve Him when things are good and when they aren’t so great because He rescued me, He saved me. And all I really need to remember is “I am Yours”.  There are seasons when need to remind ourselves who we are and who we belong to.



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