Momlog 2013: Oh, Sweet Four


Four years old is….well, fun and hard and a little crazy.   The boy told me the other day that he loves everyone except me.  We happen to have some Birthday cake in the house from our friend, Suzy’s birthday party a few days before.  Being a great mom, I told him that I don’t give cake to people who don’t love me.  To which he responded (and this is one of his most common responses to things these days), “Just teasing”.  I bet.  And yes, I gave him cake.  Because he loves me. And because I love him.  (There’s a spiritual lesson in here).

I have several good friends with children in this age group and they tell me these things are pretty common.

In fact, my friend, Suzy told me a doozie the other day.  I asked her to “guest blog” but she told me I could tell her story.  She had me rollin’ (for those non- southerners…..she had me LOLing).

The backstory of this take is that our friends Suzy and James are on staff at a wonderful church in San Marcos, Texas called Promiseland San Marcos.  Suzy runs the business office and James is the student pastor.  Last year, Suzy and James adopted Glenda and Gabe.  Glenda and Gabe have been with Suzy and James since they were 18 months old and they just turned four years old in December.  (About 6 months younger than our boy).   Glenda has been struggling with K-4 this year, most of her issues are common among children who have experienced the fostercare system.  Suzy and James are working with several professionals to help her adjust.

Since James is a pastor, the family spends much of it’s time at church events.  (Not a bad way to grow up…that’s how we grew up).  This past week, the family was at the youth service on Wednesday evening.  Rather than James speaking to the students, they had a guest speaker, their pastor.  He was speaking to the students about things they have problems with in life.  He was throwing out some suggestions and asked the questions, “Who here has problems with your parents?”  Little Glenda’s hand shot up.  Oh my…she’s only four and she’s having problems with her parents…this usually doesn’t happen until 14!

Suzy and James had a good laugh about it.

That’s four.  I was impressed that she was listening and responding to message at age four.

We are all hoping “this too shall pass” but I have a feeling (that has been confirmed) that you get through one thing just to go on to dealing with another thing.



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