Momlog 2013: More on Four


Just wanted to quickly post…before I try to get some sleep.  I worked out yesterday and I’m sore but it is weirdly sore… my hip feels bruised.  Plus the Hubs is sleeping beside me and it’s not quiet.  I’m debating if I am in enough pain to go downstairs and unlock Fort Knox…oh, that’s where we keep the medicine.  For those of you not familiar, foster homes must keep medications locked up, double locked actually.  Which means, you have to really need it or really want it or it’s just too much trouble.  Plus, it is suppose to keep our kids safe except our boy doesn’t really get into things he shouldn’t get into.  

Though I would share a little doozie from a few days ago.  

Sunday night, the Hubs preached at The Message (Sunday night service at Promiseland San Marcos).  It was great but there was a lot of waiting involved.  As with most kids, there are things that we work on that he seems to “get” and then a down the road he starts back with it and we have to break the habit all over again.  Such has been the “hands in the mouth” thing.  It grosses me out (not as much as buger picking) plus it is totally unsanitary.  He touches everything and then sticks his hands in his mouth or picks at his lips.  While we were waiting, I told him twice to stop putting his fingers in his mouth.  Then I caught him at it again.  I asked him, “What are you thinking?”  He looked at me and answered honestly…”Uuumm…I didn’t think you were looking.”  While I am glad he was honest we then had to have the talk about how Jesus sees everything and it makes Him sad when we disobey our mammas…I think it is time to start learning about integrity.


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