Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.  John 11:25

He is still the resurrection and the life.  

I tend to have some very good prayer meetings while driving around in my SUV.  My theory is, it is a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.  That may sound a little trite to some people but hear me out.  Some places are more conducive to the Spirit than other places because they have been setup as Holy places.  That’s why you can walk into some churches and feel a “God atmosphere”.  That’s why I like to pray in the prayer garden at the church I grew up in…there are 40 years of prayers sticking to those walls.  The truck has over 10 years of   1. Worship music being played.  (Oh, if those seats could talk…from “Shout to the Lord” to “His Love is Furious”.)  2. Many sermons have been listened to and developed and even preached in the vehicle.  3. And many long trips have been taken in which the driver has prayed for long amounts of time.  It just seems easy to “get in the Spirit” while I’m driving.  It would seem there are more distractions when driving but, sadly, no…there are far more distractions (dirty cloths, dirty dishes, dirty floors) at home.  

A few days ago, I was driving along praying for some dear friends of mine and heard myself praying for a resurrection in their lives.  A resurrection of health, a resurrection of dreams, a RESURRECTION….Life where death seemingly has crept or even crashed in.  As I prayed, there was a “God moment” when I felt a powerful Word…God saying, “This is the season of your resurrection”.  

Let me preach for a moment here.  All you intercessors and would be intercessors (by the way, an intercessor is very simple someone who prays for others…a person who stands in the gap.  If you have ever prayed for someone then you are an intercessor!), the prayers you pray for others God will answer for YOU!  He will.  He does.  I’ve seen it so many times!

Today, I declare this Word is not only for my friends but it is for me, for my household and even for you.  

Call forth your resurrection today.  Be careful.  Remember, Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth!” because if He had said, “Come forth!” every dead person in that cemetery would have resurrected that day.  Call forth those dead dreams!  God breathes life into dead things and those things live.  He is the breath of life.  It’s time for God to breathe on some things in you.  Don’t just allow Him to do it…ask Him to do it.  



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