Momlog 2013: Easter and the Hulk


It has been a while.  I would say that life has been busy but that isn’t necessarily the case.  The truth is, I have been taking some hormone treatments to increase my chances of getting pregnant and they are making me depressed and then I’ve been even more depressed when I find they didn’t work as they should have.  I’ve been watching bad t.v. and crying, yes, crying every day for the 14 days out of the month I have to take the hormones.  So I’ve been hiding out in my house with my fingers crossed that I have in fact conceived.  Watching bad t.v. and NOT writing.

Today we had our traditional Easter celebration which included, an Easter basket, church, at least one Easter egg hunt (we had two this year…one at church and then my mom had a whole thing set up at her house), a delicious lunch (Laddie burgers, Dean Potato salad, Chavez deviled eggs and homemade guacamole…it was all good), and then vegging out watching the Home and Garden Network and then a game of canasta…and way too much candy.  We also watched the ending to the Bible Movie that has been airing on the History channel.

The Egg hunts were fun this year.  The boy finally “got” that he had to run and pick up the eggs rather than pick one up, check to see what was in in before moving on.  I tried not to buy a bunch of candy this year because I STILL HAVE CANDY FROM LAST YEAR!!!  Yes, I will throw it away tomorrow.  

On the way home from church I asked the Boy what he learned in Sunday School. I help write the newsletter for our children’s ministry every month so I know what the lessons are about.  However, much like God does with us (growing up I remember my pastor saying when God asks a question, it is so we will know or understand the answer…He already knows!) I ask the boy so the answer will be re-enforced.  His answer this week was, “I will tell you when we get home.” (avoidance).  I said, “No, let’s talk about it now.  Did Jesus die?”.  He answered, “Yes, some angels moved the rock.”  I said, “Then Jesus was alive?”.  We talked a minute about the stones vs. boulders vs. rocks.  Then he told, “The Hulk could move the rock for Jesus.”  You see, The Hubs let him watch Avengers.  I don’t know what it is with boys between the ages of 4 and 7 but they LOVE the Incredible Hulk.  If it were up to me he would watch Veggie Tales, Disney movies (except Aladin or any that are deemed “scary”) and Micky Mouse Club House and maybe Word World.  But dads are different when it comes to movies (I tell myself).  They watch Netflix…any Marvel animated superhero series.  I had to ban Transformers because The Boy kept telling me he had a bad dream about a “farmer” (it took us a week to figure out what he was talking about….I kept asking the Hubs if they had watched anything with a scary farmer. Originally, I thought he was talking about the farmer from “Click-Clack-Moo”, a book we have about some wayward cows who find a typewriter).  

I was taken aback by the insertion of the Hulk into the Easter story.  And all I could think was EPIC FAIL!  Seriously, I love Jesus.  My husband loves Jesus.  We are complete believers in the Bible.  My son doesn’t understand that Jesus is real and the Hulk isn’t real.

So I told him, “Jesus is real.  Angels are real.  The Hulk isn’t real, he is pretend.”  His response….”Mom, Captain America is real, right?”  

Well, I think we are going to have to read the Bible more and watch a little less Avengers.  

The good thing was, after clearing up that Captain America is also NOT real, he asked me where Jesus lives.  I told him, that after you ask Jesus into your heart, that’s where Jesus lives.  

Of course, I will probably have to tell him all of this again tomorrow because he is only 4 and  1/2 but it’s a start.

Now, I need to go brush my teeth because I have been eating Tootsie Rolls, and starburst, and okay…I raided the Easter basket.  




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