Prayer: Lord, please give us ears to hear and hearts to obey.  

For the Single Lady:

You have a friend who’s husband you admire.  You think he’s a great man.  You have even prayed that God would send you a man just like him.  God has a husband for you and he is nothing like the man you admire. You only see half of your friend’s situation.  What He has for you looks different but it is what He dreamed up especially for you and His Kingdom will be established and expanded as a result of the union.  Start praying for God’s plan. 

For the church:

The next wave of awakening will come as you (the church) are healed, delivered and walking in freedom.  In the past you have experienced frustration as you strived and labored to “move forward” in Me, to experience “more” of Me.  I’ve been with you all along.  This next wave of awakening will not be based on how much you pray, worship or fast it will be ME moving.  Be still.  Listen. Obey.  Let ME move.  Let ME do.  Let ME move you “forward”.  Let ME establish the next level of intimacy.  



One thought on “Word

  1. thank you for your obedience! that last part about the church is something the Lord has been telling me for the last month, its so difficult to walk in when we are so used to walking in our own will, but now is the time to submit our wills, to stand still and be of Good courage, for the battle is not ours…it is truly the Lord’s!

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