Momlog 2013: I cannot tell a lie


This is going to be a quick post so hopefully my writing will be up to par.

Last week I went to visit my sister out in west Texas.  (Not the city, the region).  One day for lunch we took the kids out to eat.  My son has speed issues…as in he is (as we say down here in Texas) “as slow as molasses” (which means, he’s really slow).  He’s slow at everything.  I believe God placed him in my life to slow me down because I have one speed and that is fast forward.  When it comes to eating, I expect him to eat his food, whatever I give him.  I believe in good food.  I don’t eat food that I don’t like and I don’t make him eat food that I don’t like.  As far as eating different kinds of food, he is good. He likes salad, veggies, spicy foods…he is a pretty adventurous eater.  But he is slow.  We had taken the kids and met up with my brother-in-law for lunch.  He had chicken strips…a standard “kid friendly” food.  They were good.  I tasted them.  Long after everyone else had finished eating he was still just plugging along and it slow pace.  I was trying to speed him up.  I told my sister I was going to the bathroom and then I told him he needed to finish up by the time I returned.

I took my time.

When I came out of the ladies room, my 7 year old nephew, Sam was standing right outside the bathroom door.  He immediately told me, “My mom asked the Boy if he was full and he said yes so she took his chicken strip and put it in the trash pile.”

I was a little confused by this little confession.

I walked back over and asked my sister, who was shocked that her son would tattle on her.  She said she was bonding with my son by allowing him to “get away” with something she wouldn’t allow.

It was funny.

Sam cannot keep a secret and he cannot tell a lie.

He will rat you out to your big sister every time.  I’m thankful to be in a family that raises truth speakers!  Now if only our Boy will learn to tell the truth.


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