It is so easy sometimes to get into a groove in life and begin to think things “are what they are” and nothing is ever going to change. (what a permanent all encompassing statement).

When the Hubs and I were dating, he was working for a church, managing a coffee shop.  I am trying to think of a proper way to say this…  Well, he wasn’t making much money.  He had made more money in the past working in “secular” position.  The situation was not good.  The church had employed two previous managers at a much higher rate of pay, but because the Hubs was already working there, they gave him a minimal raise and a whole lot more responsibility.  While he did speak to them about it (don’t complain about things you haven’t addressed with the person responsible), they used some very cliche’ words to excuse what was going on.  (“Well, if you are called to do this job, then the $$ shouldn’t matter.” “We’re a church, we just don’t have any $$” )  The thing was, he was barely making ends meet.   In addition to working a full 40 hours at the coffee shop, he was the youth pastor (non-paying position) and on the worship team (non-paying position) for the church.  He also did odd jobs for people to earn a little extra income.  We wanted to get married.  The idea of purchasing a ring was overwhelming.  It all seemed impossible.

We know that God was looking out for him.  God always pays well even if your employer doesn’t.  He would get odd jobs, help me with catering, or play at a wedding, etc.

It all finally started to get to us.  The circumstances were pitiful.  It seemed like things would never change.  My mantra became, “It’s not always going to be like this eventually…” and I began to speak out positive things for our lives.  One day, Dennis told me, “I am tired of hearing ‘eventually’.  When??”  The waiting part was so difficult.

Our lives look totally different today than they did those many years ago.  Eventually has turned into reality.

Isaiah 64:4
For since the beginning of the world Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, Nor has the eye seen any God besides You, Who acts for the one who waits for Him.

The Word says that when we wait on God, He acts for us.  He does things on our behalf.  He opens the doors.  He takes care of us.  He heals.

Lately, I’ve been anticipating change.  This change it different.  I don’t think it’s a move across Texas or even a move across town.  It’s more of a spiritual change.  It is time to start listening more closely for His voice.  It is time to begin following Him more closely.  Psalm 91 says, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”  Walking in someone’s shadow requires you to walk pretty close to the individual.  That shadow can be a very calm and refreshing place to be; it’s shielded from the wind and the scorching sun.  You have to stay near the person.  It is time for us to start dwelling in that secret place with God.

While I am anticipating this change, I feel myself saying “Eventually, we are going to feel God in a new, fresh way”.  Waiting for “Eventually” is the hardest part.

As it says in Galatians, “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”  Your new season is just around the corner.  Don’t let all of these earthly things defeat you.  I know it is hard to keep your eyes on the prize when you see those around you “suffering” (do we really know “suffering here in America??) or missing out.  This too shall pass.  Be faithful and don’t lose heart.  This isn’t going to last forever.  God has an “eventually” for you.


One thought on “Eventually…

  1. What a great story to share – all of us know what that waiting period means and can be like. Sounds like you could definitely bring some wisdom and encouragement to those in that period now.

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