Momlog 2013: I’ll give you a hint


Four is a fun age.  Right?  (Just say “yes” so I don’t have to think about the fact that The Boy lied to me again about brushing his teeth). The Boy has gotten into playing “I Spy” as we drive down the road.  My niece has been playing this game for a year but he has really gotten into it recently.  It’s funny for several reasons.  First of all, our subdivision is kind of in the middle of a bunch of cow pastures.  Have you ever played “I spy” on a road with nothing but trees, grass, maybe a pond and/or a water tower?  There isn’t very much to “spy”.

The “spier’s” turn always starts with, “I spy with my little eyes…”  (That’s all my sister, Judy and my niece, Ellie).  Since he is still young and doesn’t always get the hint, I have incorporated saying things like, “I spy something tall” or “I spy something with stripes” or if he doesn’t guess right the first time I will give him hints.  Yes, we allow multiple guesses in our version…that’s all over when he turns 6 then it’s one guess only.  For example, if “I spy something” outside of the vehicle, I will say “I’ll give you a hint…it is outside”.  Or I will tell him which side it is on or if it is tall or short or wet or moving, etc.

When the boy is the “spier” he sometimes forgets what he “spied” and will just throw something out there when you guess.  One thing is certain, he hasn’t quiet figured out what a “hint” is.  If I don’t guess on the first try, he says, “I’ll give you a hint…” and then he tells me what he spied.  Ever time.  We have explained that a hint should only give a little more information but every time he reveals.

It is adorable because of the way he drawls out , “I’ll give you a hint…”  And the Hubs and I both say, “Don’t tell me yet” but he always does.  He thinks he is giving a hint but really he is giving away the game.

Having explained the game…

I spy with my little eyes something tiny and pink and five days old….

I’ll give you hint…it’s a girl.




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