Green is the New Black


How to know if you are living in Freedom in your life…go to your closet…how much of your wardrobe is black?

There was a time in my life when almost every thing I wore had some black in it.  There was a season of my life when almost ever piece of clothing I owned was black…it was what I reached for first.  In hind sight, I may have been a little depressed.  No, seriously, a little depressed…willing to fade into the background.  I also may have been under the misconception that black makes you look thinner….

The other day I was taking the kids to get their pictures taken and I wanted to wear a black shirt. My thinking was, “just in case” I need to hold the baby for her picture, black would be a nice background.  I could not find a short sleeved black shirt (except one with a huge colorful mickey mouse printed on it) anywhere in my closet.  I have several very cute green tops.  Yes, green seems to be my new black.  I’m good with that because to me, green represents life.  In the spring, everything turns green and lush.  The good news is God has healed/delivered me of the depression!

I decided that at least one black top would be a good idea.  Black sure is easy to match with.  Plus, The Hubs bought me some cute shoes (and a necklace and a ring) for Mother’s Day and on one of the pairs is red.  Everyone knows that red and black “go together”.  I happen to find this very cute black top at Target.

black top A few days later, I wore it.  My friend, Kimberly commented on it’s cuteness.  And before I could tell her about not having any black tops in my closet, she said, “I don’t have any solid black shirts.”  You go girl!

If you look in your closet and find that you are lacking in black….it’s okay.  It’s a good sign.  Let’s put on some green or some orange and celebrate that the beauty of all the colors in our life.

BTW, Clinton and Stacy from “What Not to Wear” says that black is not “slimming”  it is all about the shape of the clothes you are wearing.  (My black top…great cut with the elastic waist).



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