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I’ve been reading more than writing lately…well, that is, in between changing diapers and feeding baby girl.  The Boy’s adoption is suppose to be complete in the next month.  Yes, I will post pictures since legally, I’ll be allowed to post pictures once his adoption will be  complete.

What have I been reading you might ask?  Well, mostly ministry stuff like Bob Hamp’s new book, “Think Differently: LIive Differently”.  and Andy Standley’s Book “Communicating for Change”.   Good stuff.  I’m going to try out some of the things I’ve learned on y’all.

So here goes….Let me know what you think.  I really want my readers to tell me what my main point was without me saying, “This is my main point”.  Here is the blog in the blog.

“I’m going to teach them a lesson”.  Yes, I have said those words or something to that effect more than once.  I am betting some of you have said this a few times too.  I heard someone says recently, “She decided to teach them a lesson”.  All parties involved were seemingly adults. It sounds like a “teacher to student” statement or a “parent to child”  statement but in this situation the people involved were all adults.  When I heard it, I thought, “How many times have I said or thought the same thing?”  Thankfully, not so much lately.   I considered how arrogant the words sounded.  I considered my own arrogance in uttering such words.  How many times have you thought it or said “I’m going to teach this person a lesson” ?  It’s an easy trap to fall into….the trap of believing it is our responsibility to teach someone a lesson.  As I considered the words and the arrogance behind the words I realized those words held so much more than just arrogance….what those words were really saying is “I am going to take on the function of the Holy Spirit in the lives of this person (or persons) and teach them what I think they need to learn”.  That is so much more than just arrogant…it’s sooo wrong.  Have you ever had someone try to “teach you a lesson”?  It’s not fun for anyone.  If you think about it, when you set out to be the Holy Spirit in someone else’s life what you are saying is, “I’ve got it all together so I’m available to help you”.  Jesus said, (In Matthew 7), “And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?  Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye?”   I love that Jesus used a splinter and a plank in the eye to describe the situation.  Why?  Because anything in our eye effects our vision.  A splinter in the eye changes how we see things…at least a little and a plank in the eye changes how we see things in a BIG way.    In both cases, our vision is impaired and our perception is skewed; something in the eye changes how we see things. And skewed perception effects every part of our lives.When you have gossip in your life, you believe everyone is talking about you (they aren’t….newsflash…you are not the center of the universe, or your church or in the lives of other people).  When you have bitterness in your life, you see every thing bitterly even in the lives of others.  Let’s get our vision back on course.  Before you start trying to “teach” people around you a “lesson” you need to start listening to the Holy Spirit in your own life.  I am releasing you from being the Holy Spirit (because sometimes we need to hear that we are released from something).  How about this…Jesus said to consider the plank in your own eye.  Let’s do that.  Let each one of us focus on what the Holy Spirit wants us to learn instead of us trying to teach others.  If each one of us focused on what God wants to do in our lives and what we should be learning, everyone around us would be effected.  Not only would our lives change for the better but the lives of others would be changed as well because our lives are intertwined.  And believe me, when God works on me what He does effects those around me.  When we are focused (there is that vision thing again) on God and what He is doing in our lives, we don’t have time to “teach anyone else a lesson” because we are so busy learning what God wants us to learn.    When we are focused on Him, He removes the splinters and the planks, He “rights” our vision, heals us and we begin to see clearly once again.  


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