The Hubs and I took another group to Kairos last week.   What that means for us is another group of believers are getting healed and we get another level of healing as well.  Healing always leads to freedom.  I am going to shamelessly plug Kairos.  It doesn’t matter if you are a new believer or a seasoned Christian, ATTEND A KAIROS event.  You will get something out of it.  I promise.  In fact, if you don’t get anything out of it, I will give you back all the money you pay for the conference (it’s free.  Travel expenses not included).  God is working on me.  Some of the things I have needed healing from have been related to things I have believed about Him.  I am an intercessor.  What does that mean you ask?  Well, I like to pray and I am willing to pray for others.  However, in the past few years, I have not been praying as much or so much for other people.  I had someone tell me that I was a little angry with God.  I don’t think so but there was a separation between me and God.

Maybe you have experienced something like that.  Maybe you have believed something that has separated you from God.  There is healing for that.

Are you wondering what I believed?  Good.  That means the anticipation is building and you are still reading.

I believed that intercession had to be painful.  I believed that in order for me to pray for others I had to feel their pain and take it on as my own.  Then I would get so vested in the answer to the prayers that I would experience frustration when I didn’t see the prayers being answered…quickly or how I thought they should be answered.  To some degree I may not have been praying the right prayers.  (When one prays God’s will and His Kingdom, answers come quickly).

One of the keys to Kairos is listening and responding to God’s leading.  I feel like my mind wondered a bit but then God would show me something about where my mind had wondered to.  At one point, I remembered an account (I may have heard this second hand so I am not sure if what I heard was what really happened or if I misunderstood.  The enemy is an expert at skewing communication and perceptions.)  If you are the person who told me the story or the person(s) in the story and I got it wrong…please understand, I acknowledge I may not have understood (these events took place over 15 years ago).

At Kairos in one of the sessions I remembered a story one of my friends told me about his brother being delivered.  During the deliverance they were having a hard time with it.  So one of the intercessors opened up to the demon and took it on and later, cast it out.  Let that sink in.  I know what you are thinking…I don’t really know what you are thinking, but I know what I thought at the time.  Jesus never invited a demon on Him in His deliverance ministry….the intercessor had taken on something that they were never asked to take on.

I am sitting there wondering why am I thinking about this?  It hasn’t crossed my mind in forever.  Naturally, I ask Jesus, “Why am I thinking about this?”  His response was, “You have taken on things that I never asked you to take on.  Intercession does not mean you have to feel and take on the pain of others. It  is praying the prayers they cannot pray because of where they are.”  The Holy Spirit dispelled the lie that I had been believing that had stopped me from doing the very thing He had called me to do.  I love prayer.  I love people and I love praying for people.  I was made to intercede.  I wrote a whole book about intercession.  I had been believing a lie.  When I received what the Holy Spirit was telling me, I felt free to do what I am called to do.  I felt free to be who He says that I am.

Remember what I asked you if you had experience or believed something that has separated you from God?  What immediately came to your mind?

Ask Jesus what He wants to tell you about that?  LISTEN. What is He saying?

We all need to hear from God in our lives.  What if each one of us allowed God to speak to into our lives?  What if we lived like this?  What if our lives were a series of asking Jesus what His thoughts are about things or how He feels about it?  Changed.  That’s what our lives would be….they would be changed.  I need changed.  I dare say you need changed.





4 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I was having a conversation with someone a few days ago and they asked me what I thought about the topic. I had to pause because the topic was deeper than the surface, and when I thought of the answer I looked up to speak and noticed my conversation partner was checking their Facebook on the iPhone. Needless to say all my interest in the conversation evaporated.

    I firmly agree with you that we need to ask Jesus about our life. However, simply asking Him the questions will do no good unless we first turn off the chatter of this present world. He has to be so important that NOTHING else comes between our conversations with Him. We quit facing our self and the world, swivel 180 degrees and face Jesus with our life. The old rabbis talk about Kavanah, living with intentionality toward God, where everything we think, say, and do is done for Him, and toward Him.

  2. That is one of the great things about the Kairos event…turning off the technology (they ask that you not bring iPads and laptops) and just spend time with Him. And they encourage “listening” and “tuning into” what He is saying and responding to it. This was our second time to attend because we took several people from our church. Even though I knew what to expect (as far as the material) God spoke to me and healed several things that I wasn’t aware of or didn’t even realize that I had been holding.

    I know, I am “advertising” for Kairos and in reality, we all need to slow down, turn off the technology and converse with our King. If we were all doing that we may not need events like Kairos. It’s a good tool to get us heading in the right direction.

  3. Hi Rob, Gateway Church (Pastored by Robert Morris) has a freedom ministry and host free two-day events called Kairos. Check out this link:

    They provide this two day event to around 600 people. The event is free of charge. (Unless you attend more than 2 times).

    I do not think it is like the Emaus walks…I’m not sure. My understanding of the Emaus events is that they could be for new believers.

    Ask Pastor James Branham. He told the Hubs and I about the event and we actually went to our first event with them and then we have been working with our church to help bring others into freedom.

    The event itself is wonderful. Gateway is a place of excellence. The event walks attenders though thinking differently and aligning our beliefs and thoughts with God. It is very “Spirit Led”.

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