How you know you are a MOM

  • You measure success differently than you used to. At one time, success was helping first time home buyers close on their first house…now, a successful day is one in which everyone has had a bath, including yourself.
  • You used to worry about if you shirt had a stain on it, now you hope your shirt doesn’t have a stain before 10 a.m.
  • “Running into the grocery store” for a few items is going to take at least an hour…it just is. In my case, it may or may not involve a very large double stroller. “Running in” anywhere is a really not going to happen.
  • Road trips involve “holding it” for a at least three hours….or you might as well add another two hours onto the trip. Our most recent road trip involved us stopping at a Walmart because I knew I could take all of the kids into the bathroom with me.
  • There is one point every day when everyone is happy and there is one point every day when almost everyone is unhappy (usually around dinner time).
  • Some days you just cannot wait for 8 p.m. (bedtime).
  • Hair cut? Who has time to get a haircut?
  • Clean sheets on the bed feel like a luxury.
  • Sitting down to eat dinner and taking more than 10 minutes to eat…it’s a miracle.

Care to add a few of your own?

I thought of another one…one if your most frequently worn accessories is a “sticker” because you forgot you were wearing the one your 5 year old gave you. There is a sticker for every look and occasion.


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