The Latest


As you may have noticed…I have been absent.  I’m always on Facebook because I have time to write short little updates in between feeding my girls and sweeping up the remnants of them eating.  Babies are really messy.  

I currently have my hands full.  With a 9 month old and an almost 11 month old as well as my 5 and 1/2 year old.  5 and 1/2 is a rather difficult age; seriously pushing of boundaries.  

It looks like we will be able to adopt our baby girl in the next few months.  Praise God!  We will know more next month.

Kindergarten is going well.  Nic is reading.  I cannot believe how he has picked it up.  Not so with math.  

Not much else to report…at least not in a public forum.  One day I will have to document the challenges/joys of fostering…especially fostering family members.  Fostering children of people you know has it’s own set of challenges and most of them are related to people blaming you for their bad choices.  Seriously.  We have adopted an attitude from Batman, the Dark Night…sometimes you have to be the hero they need not the hero they want.  I think this applies to all parenting…there are so many times we have to be what they need not what they want or think they need.  

I am hoping to have the opportunity to write more soon and post some pictures of our sweet girls.



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