Baby Books


Does anyone keep a baby book anymore?  If so, I am probably an epic failure as a mom. Sigh.  I’ve been making random notes on my phone.  Yes, that’s right, I have a “note” for each of my girl in my phone and I’ve been making random entries about when they “did” things.  

My mom kept baby books on us until…well, until she had three of us.  Mine went to about age 3 or 4 and then kind of tapered off.  I’m pretty sure my baby sisters book had two pictures and three notes…her name and birth weight and when she came home from the hospital.  I’ll have to ask her.  My mom is pretty much an “over-achiever” on mom things so maybe I’m wrong.  One thing she did religiously, was have our pictures taken in our birthday month until we were 18.  We all have albums that document our growth.  I’ve been taking all my kids for pictures several times a year.  If I take one, I take them all (we’re just going to knock this out).  And of course I take pictures like this one at the pumpkin patch (that’s my niece with our boy).




Since our son is adopted I don’t really know all of his milestone dates…when he got is first tooth, etc.  I know things like…when he fell of a barstool at 18 months and had to go to the hospital for a head injury.  When he was three, I made a book of pictures of him on Shutterfly because I wanted him to remember family that we don’t see that often.  My sister made my nephew a little book when he was around 9 months with pictures of family that he didn’t see that often.  Nic loves that book! I am thinking that rather than try to fill up a baby book, I’ll just make them a book of their first year.  

Anyone else have ideas?

Here’s one of our niece who lives with us when she was really, really little…she is still little.




3 thoughts on “Baby Books

  1. I have tried and failed at baby books…too much work! But making a photo book a year is the best and seems so much more do-able to me. I’m working on finishing my girls’ photo book from 2012…and here it is 2014! We all just do our best, right? Maybe when all the kids start kindergarten we can all catch up!

  2. I like keeping a little book of all the funny things that come out of my daughter’s (5) mouth. Ive been keeping it since she could talk and its great looking back and having a good laugh! 🙂

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