We have been having lots of “firsts” in our house.  First words (“Dada” naturally), first steps, first foods…our baby girls are amazing and smart.  Today at church our 9 month old made everyone “oooh and aaawe” as she waved at them.  Hopefully, I will get it on video…it is super cute, she waves her whole arm.

Our big first today was that our Nic participated in communion.  Up to this point, I had not allowed him to participate because he wouldn’t even have been able to listen and follow the instructions.  Our church makes a point of the children participating and the children join us for worship on communion Sundays.  Our pastor has set the tone and encourages the children to participate and his son participates.  So I went ahead and allowed him to participate.

After we picked up the elements, I sat down and explained to him that the cracker represents Jesus’ body and the juice represents Jesus’ blood when Jesus died on the cross.  Then I teared up because communion has a very special place in my heart.  And then I took a picture because I wanted to capture the moment.  Naturally, my sweet boy was making a goofy face.  


It was a good first.  



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