Yesterday was “Go” Sunday at our church.  We didn’t “Go” on a missions trip last year..we did but it was a missions trip, sort of,  but it was but it wasn’t “foreign”.  As we listened and contemplated, I do not expect to “go” this year either…but I do.  It’s not that complicated.

Last year, we had about 10 people attend the Kairos event in Dallas.  We took them, urged them, compelled them, drove them.  We went.  We spent our own money on travel expenses (each person paying for their food and their hotel).  KAIROS itself is a ministry of Gateway church and they give it free of charge (they do have offering boxes in their church if you want to sow into the ministry, but even with that I do not remember hearing about it…they do not guilt anyone into giving.  That would be weird…a ministry all about freedom putting guilt on people).

If it were up to me, I would make attending KAIROS a requirement before serving in church.  If it were up to me, I would attend once a year (after you attend twice they do ask you to pay…you get two free and some people need to go more than two times because God peels us like an onion at times so He peels back one layer and there is something else that needs healing).

The next Kairos event is April 3rd and 4th.  That is a Thursday and a Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  They start on time and you get so much out of it that you do not want to be late to any session and you certainly do not want to leave early.

We host a Life Group for our church, leading up to the event to view the prerequisite videos.  The videos are good but the event is the really big deal.  GET TO THE KAIROS, God is there and He will change everything for you.  If you cannot attend our Life Group, you can watch or listen to the Freedom Classes online here.

I want to encourage every person who went through the Freedom classes last year but were not able to attend the event to watch the videos again and GET TO KAIROS next month.  You have plenty of time to plan for this trip.

One hurdle we faced was childcare.  They don’t offer it.  Let me know if you have children…I’m not a “kid” person really (you would think with us fostering and adopting and all that that I am…I’m a “my kid” person) but I believe in this so much that if it comes down to it, your kids can stay with me that Thursday and Friday (you probably need to leave Wednesday night so Wednesday night through Saturday morning or late Friday depending on you.)  Seriously, let me know.  We will have one huge slumber party type event…THIS IS HOW MUCH I BELIEVE YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT!!!

Go ahead and register online here.  You will need to setup a Gateway sign in to register.

My plan to “go” this year is to go to KAIROS (they have a KAIROS 2 as well that the Hubs and I are attending later this month) and more importantly, I want you to “go” to KAIROS.  Make it happen.  It is one of the most refreshing events I’ve ever attended, it’s main rival is the National Prayer Summit which this year conflicts with KAIROS…so “go” to KAIROS!!!!



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