Momlog: 2014 Coffee for Kids


Last week when we were at HEB (our local to Texas grocery store) and they were giving out samples of acia juice.  So I purchased a large bottle.  It’s suppose to be sooo good for you.  I’ve been giving it to the kids.

Last night, Nic, the babies and I were eating dinner.   The Hubs had already left for worship practice.  I drank some of the juice.  I figured I could use some extra vitamins.  As I am drinking, Nic says, “Mom, you know that juice will make you poop.”  I almost spit juice.  I said, “Really?”.  He said, “Yes, every time I drink it, I have to poop and I poop it all out.”  I told him, “Wow, well that’s probably good, but let’s not talk about poop while we are eating.”

I guess this juice is like coffee for kids…peps them up and helps them poop.


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