How busy are you?


Have you ever been so busy doing “God’s work” that you didn’t have time for people?  

I have.  

Moms do this all the time…we get so busy taking care of all the things that we do for our families that we get short fused with our kiddos.

I tend to be “task oriented”.  The reasons are pretty selfish…I like measurable results.  I like seeing progress.  I like the feeling of things “getting done”.  I love a checklist.  I would put something I just finished on a checklist just so I could check it off.  

I have had seasons of my life when I was so “busy” with ministry that people took a backseat.  Relationships took a backseat.  I didn’t notice people around me and what they were going through.  

The thing was many of the “tasks” I was so busy at could have been taken care of by other people. And if I would have slowed down and asked for help, someone who wasn’t serving in any way would have stepped forward to pick up the slack.

Many years ago, I remember asking someone in our singles ministry if I could help make coffee.  I was shot down.  I was a little offended.  I just wanted to lend a helping hand.  I remember praying about it and God telling me that, that the girl who made the coffee felt that was “all she had”; it was her “position” and she was guarding it.  First of all, that lovely girl had so much more to offer than only making coffee (making coffee is important, please don’t think that I see it as a menial task).  Second of all, it should never be about “guarding our position”.  

In the Kingdom, my goal is to always be training/discipling someone for my position thus always putting myself out of a held “position”.  Why?  There are several reasons.  One reason is, people put down roots where they serve, sow and invest.  So if I am allowing others to “help” me then I am helping them to serve, sow and invest.  Another reason is because it is in the serving that ministry happens.  Most people are not going to call you and ask you to pray for them or counsel them but in the process of serving they will share their life and needs with you.  Some of the best ministry is organic…it happens naturally.

The truth about busy-ness….the truth is, you either are not asking for help or not allowing others to help you.  Either way, it boils down to pride.  You are too prideful to ask for or accept help from others because “you can do it on your own”.  Or you do not trust others to “do things the right way”…again pride…your way is better than everyone else’s way.  Or perhaps you are so important (pride) that if you don’t do the tasks then it won’t get done.  Or maybe because of your position or title, you have to make sure everything is done “right” because your “name” is on it….once again, it’s about you…PRIDE.  

(Begin RANT of the day)

I have recently become convinced that the American church has exchange “excellence” for “opulence” .  It has become all about topping other churches and even ourselves.  Every series has to be the “next big thing”.  It makes me want to vomit.  We think our “acts of work” can generate some move of God.  It’s disgusting and prideful.  Don’t get suckered into thinking our “doing church” is moving the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said this:

“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:32
Only when Jesus is lifted up…IF He is lifted up will people be drawn to Him.
(End RANT)
So if you find yourself walking into a room and immediately focusing on what tasks need to be completed rather than on what people are in the room…you might be too busy.  Slow down.  Say “Hi”.  Nothing is going to fall apart if you take 10 seconds to greet others.  It’s not about you.  Get over yourself.  God needs you but He sooo doesn’t need you.  As my pastor says, “It’s all about you but it isn’t about you at all.”  It’s about balance.  Paul said it like this: “For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.” Romans 12:3.   It is not good to think of ourselves more highly or lowly of ourselves.  
My kids are fed and sleeping in their beds.  My kitchen is “mostly clean”.  I swept the floors but it’s time for serious cleaning….but instead of worrying about it, I’m writing this blog because it’s on my mind tonight.  Slow down.  Let someone else take on some of the responsibility and trust them to do a good job even it it isn’t how you would do it.  
God loves you and He doesn’t want you stressed out.  Sometimes the ministry that takes place while others are “helping” you is for you.  Slow down and love people the way God loves people.



One thought on “How busy are you?

  1. Very well said Sister. Thanks for listening to the Spirit and sharing with us. I really like that part about the ministry being organic. I believe the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, the Word, etc., and the “ministry” should not be something we DO, but rather the default happenings of what we ARE.

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