Kairos 2


I’m attempting to blog from my phone which means I am typing on a little keypad….so this may be a very short blog.

It is 6:15 a.m.. I am not a morning person…so this may be very short.

This week has been a whirlwind. Two weeks ago, the Hubs told me he was going to attend Kairos 2 (click kairos for past post about Kairos) and thought, good. I also thought about being home with my kids alone for three days and how fun that was going to be.

One evening, hanging out with my friend, Suzy, I mentioned him going. We were chatting about it and she offered to care for my children so I could attend as well. That’s a great friend because I have three little ones and she has two. I secretly think she’s a little crazy.

Naturally, as soon as we made plans, one of our vehicles begins to give us trouble. Then our finances take a hit. Then the day before, our washing machine goes out. The Hubs says, it is either God or it’s the devil. We decided it was the enemy. It had to be because God is for me being Free and I a more free than I was.

I am making a list of friends, family and acquaintances who should attend Kairos, your name is on the list. (Everyone’s name is on the list…I didn’t want you to feel left out, excluded or over-looked). You need to attend a Kairos event! Kairos means moment if change…an ah-ha moment. This year needs to be your Kairos! There is another Kairos coming up in the beginning of April, don’t let it pass by without attending.
Even if you think you are free…God has something for you! Do not let pride hold you back. Do not allow a religious spirit to allow you to wallow in self-righteousness telling you you are “good” when in reality you are barely holding it together. Everyone needs to attend both Kairos and Kairos 2. Everyone. I do not know of one person in the world who doesn’t need some type of healing.

Well, my hand is clenching up from typing on this little keyboard so I am finished. I will try to type up some if the golden nuggets I got at Kairos 2 later but i doubt it will happen today. I will loving on my sweet babies when we get home….maybe tomorrow I will get to it.

Love and peace to you!


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