Momlog 2014: Murphy’s Law


Well, last week, right before we were heading to the “Big D” (Southlake/Ft. Worth really) our washing machine broke.  Not sure what the issue is.  The washer is about 10 years old and it’s small for a household of 7.  In other words, I’ve been wanting one of those low water/high capacity washers but the timing was not great.  I’m a trooper and we hung out and washed two loads at my mom’s house.  Unfortunately, we cannot replace the washer right away.  Fortunately, my brother-in-law has one in storage that we can use until we can get what we ant.  Unfortunately, the Hubs hasn’t had time to move the washers around and get the new one in.

We have been without a washer for 5 days.  I do laundry almost every day.  The dirty laundry is stacking up.

Did I mention that my kindergartner wet his bed last night?

One of our girls has had a bout of diarrhea and severe diaper rash.  I thought it was due to cutting a tooth.  She has had this issue every time she cuts a tooth.

Unfortunately, I might have been wrong about the cause of the diarrhea.  Which I found out this morning when I discovered our other baby girl with poop all over herself and her crib and her bedding and several items in her bed.

I ended up putting her in the bathtub and then all the bedding (after spaying it with laundry stain remover) into a trash bag until I could get it washed.

I will refrain from going into what happened after breakfast…it involved throwing up.

Two outfits later…more dirt laundry…

The timing couldn’t be worse…

My sister-in-law says, “It’s Murphy’s law”.  I responded, “I don’t believe in Murphy…it’s the devil.”

Thankfully, my brother-in-law decided to head to the laundromat and offered to wash the bedding.  So at least it won’t be sitting there until we can get it washed.  And thankfully, I have two sets of sheets for every bed in this house,  which I recognize is a luxury, so I was able to change out the bedding right away because I had the clean items I needed.  (Also, thankful to my sister who also believes in having multiple sheets and who gave me the bedding for my girls’ cribs…praise God!)

Everything has been Lysoled and wiped down.  Hopefully, this will pass soon.

I’m praying!


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