The DNA of your future


I’ve often thought that David (talking about King David in the Bible…you can read about him in I and II Samuel) and Bathsheba were destine to marry and produce Solomon.   How they got together was one of the biggest scandals in the Bible.   You can read about it in II Samuel 11.  One of my recent posts was When the Enemy Uses your Strengths Against you.  I was thinking about how Moses’ calling to be a deliverer but how when he acted in his own time it was a mistake.  This is true of David too.  Of course, I have often thought that David should have been out of the battlefield with his army instead of hanging around the house bored.  My mother-in-law told her kids growing up (in Spanish…which I do not know), “Boredom is not from the Lord.  Go read your Bible.”  She also said excessive energy was not from the Lord….my husband knows his Bible very well.

Like David, our future is in our DNA.  David was very prophetic.  Prophetic people ALWAYS have to learn timing.  I’m not at all afraid to write a blanket statement like that.  Timing for a prophetic person can be a struggle.  I have often felt that God does NOT tell me things (like what’s next) until it’s time because if He revealed it too far ahead of time I would be off and running.  I once moved across 3 states in 6 weeks.  David recognized his future when he saw Bathsheba but instead of waiting until it was right, he took matters into his own hands.  He suffered the consequences of his actions too.

If you seek God, He will direct your paths.  It’s a promise.   See Matthew 6:33.   When God directs your path, you will often see where you should go before it’s time to move.   You can feel your future.  You can see yourself there.  I am not saying everything turns out the way you think or thought it would.  I am saying when you seek God and put Him first in your life, your future will be clear….and you will know it.  Be sure to seek Him about the timing of things.



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