Who Surrounds You?



I am trying something “high tech” here. Lance Wallnau posted this picture along with a good word.

Lance Wallnua post

Lance Wallnua post

Click the link at the top of the page to read his post.  It is a Word.

Even without Lance Wallnua’s words, the picture itself stirred me.  If a lion runs around with common house cats for long enough, she might forget that she’s a lion.  When you lose sight of your identity all kinds of crazy begins to happen…mostly, depression.  How do you overcome…go hang out with some lions.  Lions are a rowdy bunch.

I’m not roaring because I’m a woman…I’m roaring because I’m a lion.  I’m going to find some lions who are tired of hanging with alleycats and we are going to get our roar on.  And from where I’m standing that means I’m getting back to the heart of prayer.  If you want to pray, call me or text me or email me.


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