According to Webster’s  wonder = “something or someone that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc.”

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend one of  Rick Pino’s events, Heart of David Worship Festival.  I went to hear Dr. Cindy Jacobs speak.  Rick Pino is a phenomenal worship leader…a prophetic psalmist.  He spoke a word over our city that said, “God is restoring wonder to this city.”

The word wonder isn’t a word I use much or that has in the past had much significance to me.  However, of late, it has become important.  So when he spoke this word…I snagged out of the air and agreed wholeheartedly.  Why?  Because, our friend Harry Flemming is planting a church in our far-south Austin area.  The church…City Chapel at Slaughter Creek.  The Church’s mission statement is simple yet so in line with God’s purpose in Austin, “We are here to reflect the wonder and beauty of Jesus Christ and join Him in the renewal of our city. ”

It is my deepest desire that God restore wonder to me personally and to my city.  I am convinced that God has an incredible outpouring and indwelling of His Spirit in store for Texas and that it will begin right in the heart of central Texas and pour out to every corner from Orange to El Paso from Laredo to Amarillo.

Let’s be amazed, surprised and blown away by the beauty of Jesus!


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