Momlog; 2014 Boys


It’s been a while since I wrote a “Momlog”. My days are super busy now and I’ve discovered that many of the things I’ve thought are “crazy” because they turned my life upside down are really “normal” things for people who have kids. The truth has been revealed…life with kids is crazy. And life with little boys is really strange at times.

Recently I walked into my son’s bedroom and he was spitting on his Nabi (kid’s electronic tablet). I was pretty disgusted and upset because we have been teaching him (or trying to teach him) to take care of his things. I confiscated the tablet. After cleaning it off, I decided to investigate the situation.

It opened my eyes to the life of a 5 1/2 year old boy. I watched all of his videos.  Little kids are extremely self-absorbed and little boys do weird things.  He had several videos of himself…one of him punching the Nabi, jumping on the Nabi, spitting on the Nabi, and several of a Hulk action figure punching the Nabi (that was a popular one).

Since I had already lectured him about taking care of his things and the spitting, I made him a video of me on the Nabi.  Then I waited.

It took him two months to find the video.

Yesterday, he took a video of his babysitter and he found the video I made for him. He thought it was funny. In it, I told him that we do not hit, kick, punch, or spit on our things and I also asked him to please make videos of people other than himself. I need to remember to download the videos before he deletes them as some of them were creative for a 5 year old. He totally doesn’t “get” where the camera is on his devise though…he thinks the camera is the screen I think.

He is growing up so fast.

from this….



to this….



(Mom tearing up a little…sniff…sniff).



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