Pray Big


Growing up, the denomination we were members of frowned on tattoos…it wasn’t as common back in the day. A while back, I met a believer who has some tattoos…several…alot (as we southerners would say) and was ashamed of some; deeply ashamed of some of them. This past week, God brought to mind Brother Bobby (I cannot remember his last name but everyone was “brother” or “sister”) who had a tattoo from his younger, wild military days (I think he was in Vietnam). He was ashamed of it after his incredible conversion…he was a hippy and when he got saved it was on. One day he gave a testimony. If I remember correctly the tattoo was on his forearm. He took off his jacket (men still wore suits to church back then), rolled up his sleeve and showed our church. He prayed, giving his shame and the tattoo over to God and asked God to remove it…it faded away. When he showed it to us, it was no longer readable and barely discernible. No doctors or chemicals, God gave him new skin. In my mind, God was doing something He wants to do for everyone, He removed shame in a very physical way. Pray something unimaginable today! for our God can do exceedingly, abundantly greater than anything you can ask or even imagine! Imagine the biggest prayer…God can and will “one up you”. Pray BiG!


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